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Lighting Green Jade Table Lamp Oriental Lamp Shade

Jade Lamps

Jade Lamps

Are your favorite lamps and shades aging a little too much? As both a light source and decor detail, lamps are an essential part of your home design. However, when your lampshades start to lose their color, look aged or become outdated in style, it's time to update the shade — or the entire lamp.

When you're searching for new table lamps that exude elegance and exotic style, Oriental Lamp Shade Company's selection of jade table lamps ensure a perfect fit for your home.

Our Selection of Jade Table Lamps

Looking for classy lighting decor that offers a fresh element for any room? Here at Oriental Lamp Shade Company, we offer a breathtaking variety of traditional jade lamps in many sizes, shapes, styles, and colors. Whether your aesthetic tastes are cool and minimal, rich and rustic or exotic and sophisticated, our beautiful selection has a lamp to suit your style and home.

Choose from authentic green, blue, white and deep brown bases with bell, empire or drum lampshades — each with their own unique design. Our elegant jade lamps will complement any room as the crowning touch to your design. Need assistance or advice selecting the right piece? Contact Oriental Lamp Shade at (646) 846-9228.

Why Is Jade so Valuable?

When it comes to a style that is uniquely classic and exotic, jade embodies elegance like no other material. Rare, radiant and rich in symbolism, this stone brings both meaning and style to your room's aesthetic.

Jade is a precious stone material that dates back to 2500-3500 B.C and has been prized in Chinese culture for hundreds of years. For centuries, jade has symbolized grace, beauty, and purity. It is also believed to possess inherent, invaluable spiritual properties. The stone is even used as a rejuvenating, positive force though to assist in therapeutic healing and bring balance to the mind, body, and home in the spiritual circles of feng shui and alternative healing. Today, it has become more valuable than ever, especially in Asia. In fact, Chinese culture values jade more than gold because it represents a long and healthy life.

Jade is easily shaped into jewelry, furniture, and ornate shapes. In addition to its unique beauty, it offers a sense of harmony, serenity and aesthetic balance.

Here at Oriental Lamp Shade Company, our jade table lamps are designed with simplicity and sophistication to bring calmness, value, and style to your home. Introduce the ancient, exotic stone to your sleek modern decor, and enjoy the light it brings.

Find the Perfect Jade Lamp at Oriental Lamp Shade

Ready to harness the serenity and style of jade for your own home? Oriental Lamp Shade Company is your source for the highest quality and most exquisite designs, offering different lamp and shade options both online and in our Upper West Side storefront. With more than 80 years of experience in lighting and lampshades, we know how to add flair that fits your space.

The beauty of jade speaks for itself — which is why simple, clean-cut lampshades are the perfect complement. Our sleek shades in light colors complement each jade frame to let the material's inherent beauty stand out. Explore the pristine possibilities and purchase the perfect jade table lamp today. Feel free to contact us for expert assistance.

drum lampshade

Drum Shades

 Drum Lampshades

When you're styling your home to suit your tastes and your vision, every detail contributes to the coordination of the whole. From your furniture and decor elements to your floor type, wall color and personal touches, every aspect should complement each other — and the right lighting choice is no exception.

As the element that illuminates the room's features and ties your design together, the right lamp contributes both light and its own visual interest to your home. When you're searching for unique, high-quality lamp shades to put the finishing touch on your design, Oriental Lamp Shade Company offers a versatile variety of drum shades you'll love.

Our Online Selection of Drum Lampshades for Sale

At Oriental Lamp Shade, our large selection of high-quality drum shades is designed to suit a variety of homes and styles. Whether you're looking for a new bedside lamp or living room light, our ready-made shades are built for any room and any home aesthetic. Pick from a variety of materials, colors, sizes and styles to match your home decor vision — or give us a call at (646) 846-9228 to learn more about a custom lampshade design.

Lampshade Store in New York City

With a stunning variety of custom hand-sewn and ready-made lampshades to meet your needs, Oriental Lamp Shade is proud to maintain the highest level of precision, attention to detail and quality materials. As the only New York store authorized to make and repair lampshades in one location, we can repair, replace or provide you with a custom shade to suit your tastes. Explore our beautiful online selection of drum shades or stop by our storefront for a different variety of options.

What Is a Drum Shade?

Well-loved for their versatility and the variety of lamp styles they fit, drum shades are shorter versions of cylinder shades, which often have a greater width than their height. Named because their classic form looks like a drum, this style of lampshade typically has a top and a base of equal or very similar diameter. Their classic shape makes them an ideal fit for lamp bases with wide bases, as well. With multiple variations and shapes, however, drum shades can offer variety and visual interest for any style.

How to Style Drum Lampshades in Your New York City Home

When it comes to complementing your home's style with the look of your lampshade, the right choice depends on your personal aesthetic — but you should follow a few general guidelines to make your lamp choice look as beautiful as possible. To create a visual balance, make sure the shade complements your lamp base proportionately and stylistically.

Your shade style should fit or complement the base style. For example, a traditional or elegant lamp base would look best with an equally elegant shade — like a V-notch drum — while a more modern base would fit better with a cylinder or rectangle hardback drum. Your lampshade should also fit your base in terms of size, hanging no lower than your lamp base's top and extending slightly wider than the base's bottom.

Balancing your shade with other elements of the room decor is crucial, as well. If you have multiple lamps in one room, make sure their shades have at least one unifying feature — like material, color or shape.

Whatever your home's aesthetic, drum shades offer a variety of visually interesting options for your New York City home. Stop by our storefront, shop online or call (646) 846-9228 for information on your own custom lampshade today.

empire pleated lamp shades

Empire Lampshades

Are you looking for an elegant lampshade to complement your decor and add class to your room design? When you're decorating your house to style it into the home you envision, every element should come together with style to suit the aesthetic you desire. From your furniture design to the color of your walls, each detail of your design is vital to the whole — including lighting.

As the feature that illuminates your space, your lamps add warmth to your rooms, make your best design elements stand out and let you use your space in the dark. In addition to their functionality, lamps tie into your space visually — and the right lampshade makes all the difference.

When you're searching for a unique, high-quality lamp shade to illuminate your style, Oriental Lamp Shade Company offers you the selection of ready-made and custom handmade empire lampshades to complement your lamp bases and suit your home.

Our Online Selection of Empire Lampshades for Sale

At Oriental Lamp Shade, we offer a beautiful selection of custom empire lampshades and ready-made empire lampshades for sale. When you want a one-of-a-kind design, our handmade, hand-sewn lampshades offer expert stitching and incredible attention to detail. Give us a call today at (646) 846-9228 to talk about your custom design. If you need a lampshade in less time, our large selection of ready-made shades is just as inspiring.

Choose from pleated designs, hardback shades and classic empire shades in a variety of sizes, styles, colors, and materials. From modern to rustic, an empire lampshade complements any home aesthetic. Whether you're searching for a shade for your coffee table, bedside, mantel or living room, you'll find something right for your style in our online selection. We also offer a guide to help you find the perfect size and style of shade for your lamp.

Lampshade & Lighting Store in New York City

Oriental Lamp Shade is proud to be the premier destination boutique lamp & shade store in New York City for over 88 years. We have the know-how and experience to consult and create beautiful pieces for your home. From custom lampshade repairs to ready-made shades and custom hand-sewn designs, we offer you the utmost in expert precision and care. While our online selection is extensive and exquisite, you can also visit our storefront to explore a different variety of options.

What is an Empire Lampshade?

With a classic tapered design, pleated empire lampshades are shaped like cones cut off at the top. As the most traditional shape in the conical family of lampshades, these shades are closely related to coolie and Euro shape lampshades — but with the smallest ratio of diameter between the top and bottom, they offer a subtle but stylish design that works well with any home aesthetic. Empire lampshades are elegant and versatile, pairing well with natural fabrics like linen and silk.

How to Style an Empire Lampshade in Your New York City Home

When you're looking for an empire lampshade to complement your home design, the right choice depends on your tastes. You should aim to match or offset the shade's style with the base of the lamp itself by choosing a similar vibe. If you have a retro- or modern-style base, for example, a sleek hardback shade will let the style shine through — whereas a pleated empire lampshade would pair better with an elegant or traditional base. The bottom of your lampshade should also be a bit wider than the bottom of the base to create balance, and the shade should hang no lower than the base's top.

If you're coordinating multiple lampshades in one room, they can vary in shape and size. Just make sure they have one common trait — like material or color — to tie them into your room's complete design.

Whatever your New York home's aesthetic, an empire lampshade will add a stunning touch to any room. Shop our selection online today, visit our storefront or call us at (646) 846-9228 to discuss your custom empire lampshade design.

lamp shade in faux silk

Oval Lampshades

Oval Lampshades For Your Home

Nothing compares to stepping into the perfectly lit room. When you get the lighting just right, every element of the interior design works together to create a flawless aesthetic. From beautiful upholstery to smooth tabletops and windowsills, every detail in your space will glow with warm light.

Whether you're designing your home from scratch or simply looking for the perfect replacement lampshade, Oriental Lampshade has everything you need to create your dream lighting effect.

We offer both ready-made and custom shades. You can choose from hundreds of different colors, designs and fabrics. If you need a pre-existing lampshade re-created, we can help with that, too. You can even bring in your own already-purchased fabric and
we'll transform it into the lampshades you're envisioning.

Introducing the Oval Shaped Lampshade

Oval lamp shades contain a shape that’s wider side to side than it is front to back. An oval shade may have an oval profile from the top, but have any of the other lamp shape lines when viewed from the side, such as an oval bell, an oval empire, an oval drum, etc. French oval shades are an elegant hybrid of rectangle and oval, with corners softened by rounded ends.

These shades allow the ideal amount of light to permeate throughout any indoor space. Light pours over the top and out the bottom of the beautifully soft lamp edges and glazes over the entire room. If you have any questions about our custom design process for our oval shaped lampshades, you can call us at (646) 846-9228

Elegant, Classical Style With a Smooth Touch

Oval lampshades offer an air of elegance with their flowing design and presence. If you're envisioning an element of timeless beauty in your home, these oval-shaped shades are an excellent place to start.

The flat sides of oval lamp shapes make them perfect for tight spaces like console tables and bedside tables, or any other places where the lamp needs to sit tightly against a wall. Oval shades are the most effective when their shape complements the shape of the lamp base. If you’re in search of a retro lampshade, oval shades are a great choice. We offer a variety of oval lamp shades for sales in the Manhattan, NYC, area.

Styles That Pair Well With Oval Shaped Lamps

The very popular bell-shaped shade is commonly purchased along with our oval shaped options. If you're looking for more variety, you might consider pairing your oval lampshades with squares ones. The combination of curved and straight edges creates an alluring and luxurious design effect.

Or, stick with one shape for a streamlined effect. Oval shades create a fluid, focused ambiance that captures the attention of anyone who walks in the room.

These rounded shades are also perfect for creating contrast in high profile rooms. If the space you're looking to illuminate features a long square table with prominent corners, oval-shaped lamps will add an element of sophistication and softness.

Styling Your NYC Home With an Oval Shaped Lamp

Many modern and contemporary homes incorporate oval-shaped elements to balance their otherwise sleek and straight-edged character. No matter the style and design of your home, oval-shaped shades will bring your lighting decor vision to life. Give your room a new face by adding a replacement lampshade over the top of your lamp bases. Even though lampshades themselves are not typically the center of attention, they are responsible for curating your dream ambiance.

If you have any questions about our design process or in-store stock, call us at (646) 846-9228 or fill out our online contact form today. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing how we can add more light to your life.

euro style lamp shades

Euro Style Lampshades

Our Online Selection of Euro Style Lampshades

Oriental Lamp Shade offers a large, beautiful variety of ready-made and custom hand-sewn lampshades manufactured with the highest quality of materials and the utmost attention to detail. Explore our extensive online selection or visit our storefront for a variety of different options. Whether you purchase online or in person, our Euro-style lampshades will put that finishing touch on your room designs.

We offer a large online selection of European Style Lampshades. From classic pleated Euro designs to Euro-style empire, hardback and string lampshades, our beautiful ready-made shades have something to offer in every home. Choose from a variety of sizes, materials, and colors to fit your lamp base and your space's aesthetic. We offer a guide to measure your lamp properly, in order for you to find the right size lampshade.

Premier Euro Lampshade Store in New York City

If you're not finding that perfect shade in our online Euro collection, Oriental Lamp Shade Company specializes in custom Euro-style lampshades. Choose from a large number of fabric options or send us a fabric that you already have. Our custom, hand-sewn shades allow you to chose pleating styles, size, color, and more. Ask to talk with a consultant about your vision. Our design consultants have been working in lighting for years and will be able to help you bring that vision in your head to life.

Give us a call today at (646) 846-9228 to learn more about our custom and ready-made European designs.

What is a European Style Lampshade?

Commonly referred to as straight empire shades, Euro-style lampshades are shaped somewhat like a cone with the top lopped off. The main difference that sets this cone-shaped shade apart from other cone-shaped lampshades is the ratio of the diameter of the top of the shade to the diameter of the bottom of the shade. European-style lampshades are in between an empire shade and a drum lampshade, these shades have the same top and height sizes and a bigger bottom than top and height. They are typically made for smaller table lamps and make a lovely addition to your modern home design.

How to Style Euro Lampshades in Your New York City Home

Wondering how to complement your home's aesthetic with the right kind of Euro-style lampshade? When it comes to room design, the right shade is all about your individual tastes, style preferences, and decor choices. As a few general guidelines, however, your lampshade should complement the style of the lamp's base and fit the lamp proportionately.

If you're outfitting a traditional lamp base, for example, a pleated Euro-style shade may be the best fit — whereas a modern base would look better with a sleek hardback or string lampshade. The bottom of your lampshade should be a little wider than the bottom of the lamp base, and it shouldn't hang any lower than the top of your lamp base. Following these proportions helps create visual balance.

No matter your aesthetic style, a Euro-style lampshade will add class and coordination to your New York City home. Shop our online selection, stop by our store or call (646) 846-9228 for more info on a custom lampshade today.

coolie lamp shade

Coolie Shades

Coolie Lamp Shades

Lamps bring essential light to the different rooms in your house and can add a great deal to your interior decor. The lampshade and the lamp itself are both important pieces. The lamp's design and shade can be simple, elegant, modern or minimalist, allowing you to choose and incorporate your own personal styleThe lampshade can also be made with different materials and come in a variety of colors and patterns.

Oriental Lamp Shade Company offers coolie shades online, you'll find a vast selection of lamp styles and shades all in one place. We create top-quality, custom shades to help you achieve the perfect style for your home. When you just can't find the perfect shade for a lamp in your room, we'll custom design a shade to make your vision a reality.

We have several different styles of coolie lampshades available online. Whether you are looking for a string coolie, a coolie bell lampshade, or a basic coolie, we have what you are looking for.

What Is a Coolie Lampshade?

A Coolie shade's shape was inspired by Coolie hats popular in Asian countries like Indonesia, Cambodia, China, Korea and more. The hats are also called Asian conical hats, farmers hats, and Asian rice hats. No matter what they're called, they all have the same notable shape — a wide brim with a pointed, cone-shaped top.

While Coolie lampshades do not have this exact shape, their design mimics it. This style of lampshade has a narrower top and a wider bottom and can come in lots of different shapes and styles within this one type of lampshade.

Even within this one style, Coolie shades come in different shapes and colors. You'll find a more standard Coolie shade with a smooth material and a simple, single color. You'll see a bell-shaped Coolie shade that has a unique look to it. You'll find pleated Coolie lampshades to give it a more textured look — and these are just a few different types of Coolie shades available.

Custom Options From Oriental Lamp Shade

Oriental Lamp Shade is different than others in the area. Other stores and online sellers will have a limited inventory, but we have virtually endless possibilities when it comes to helping you find the perfect base and shade for your lamp. When you do not have to make compromises on your vision for your home, you can make your decor perfectly keep in line with your tastes and style.

With our custom options, we will help you create the perfect shade to fit into your home. Whatever style of decor you have, we will make something that will seamlessly fit in with your other pieces and add needed light to the room.

You can customize every part of your shade. We have the skills to turn a memento into a unique lamp, with more than 50 material choices available for the shade and the expertise you need to make the perfect lamp.

Our custom shades are hand-sewn from start to finish. We put in a great deal of care into every one of our custom projects to ensure the best quality.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and quality, or give us a call at (646) 846-9228.

bell lampshade

Bell Lampshades

Bell Lampshades For Your Home

As many interior decorators and home design enthusiasts know, nothing completes a room like perfect lighting. When your walls glow with that iridescent warmth and your favorite fabrics pop due to purposeful illumination, you can't help but take a moment to appreciate your beautiful living space.

If you're looking for a classic lampshade to filter light just the way you want, Oriental Lamp Shade Company is here to help. We offer the widest selection of custom and ready-made lampshades that will complete the home style you're going for.

Are you searching for the right replacement lampshade? We make all of our shades with the highest quality fabrics and provide many options when it comes to design, size, and color.

Introducing the Bell-Shaped Lampshade

Bell-shaped lamp shades are similar to empire shades, but their sides, rather than straight, have an inward curve, giving them a softer feel. The bottom of a bell shade flares out, distributing light and adding a sense of drama.

This classic lampshade provides a seamless mix of classic and romantic aesthetics — perfect for almost any room in the home. If you're looking to custom design your future bell-shaped lampshade, we will work with you until you're completely satisfied. If you have any questions about our bell-shaped lampshades, call us at (646) 846-9228

Elegant, Traditional Style With a Timeless Touch

The graceful lines of bell-shaped shades make them perfect for any elegant space in NYC. Bell-shaped shades are the most effective when their shape complements the shape of a curvy lamp base. Bell shades are a classic decorator look. Their aesthetic is classic and traditional and feminine. Adding dressmaker details like braided trims and beads will give bell-shaped shades a decidedly romantic flair.

Place your shades on coffee tables, bedside stands or in a reading nook. If your living room or formal sitting area features beautifully upholstered furniture, there's no better way to honor your tasteful pieces than lighting them properly. A bell lampshade will illuminate and complete the space's specific style.

Complimentary Classic Lampshade Styles

If you're looking to pair your bell-shaped lampshades with other styles and designs, they match wonderfully with our Coolie and Empire options:

  • Coolie ShadesCoolie lampshades are inspired by the Coolie hat, which is worn in Asian countries like Cambodia, Indonesia, Korea and China. The hats have an iconic shape, featuring a wide brim with a pointed top, and Coolie lampshades echo the well-known design. This classic lampshade comes in many shapes and styles.
  • Empire ShadesEmpire lampshades offer a traditional style design. They're shaped like cones with cut off tops. These shades are in the same family as the Coolie shade, so the two pair well together in the same room.

Light Up Your Home With a Replacement Lampshade

Brighten up your interior design with an original lampshade. If you're craving a change in atmosphere for your home, bringing in new lampshades is the perfect place to start. No matter what your home-style aesthetic is, you'll find a stunning shade that fits your ideal vibe.

Ordering a replacement lampshade online is easier than ever. Simply browse our options and continue to our quick and easy check out process. If you have any additional questions, fill out our online contact form today or call us at (646) 846-9228. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you design your dream lampshade.

lamp fancy bell

Square Lampshades

Square Lampshades For Your Home

Lighting is one of the most important elements of interior design as it serves both functional and aesthetic purposes. Selecting thoughtful pieces can truly elevate a space. When you find that perfect, sweet-spot lighting selection for your room, you'll know. Your walls will glow with warmth and your favorite decor details will be flawlessly highlighted. Strategic lighting is vital when it comes to creating a favorable in-home design experience.

At Oriental Lamp Shade Company, we carry a wide selection of ready-made lampshades to help bring your home to life. We offer custom design options as well, for those with unique constructions in mind. If you have an exact idea for your lampshade design, we will manufacture it in-house for you.

All our shades are crafted from premium materials and fabrics. You can select from hundreds of different colors, or even bring in your own pre-bought fabric. If you need a lampshade replicated, we can assist with that, too. No matter what your design needs are, our team is dedicated to helping you curate the perfect lighting options for your home. If you have any questions about our custom design process, call us at (646) 846-9228.

Introducing Square Shaped Lampshades

Square shaped lamp shades feature a four-sided shape at the top and bottom. Some of our square shades flare out towards the base, while others keep their classic cube shape all the way through. They offer a tasteful and refined, yet bold and noticeable lighting effect. Light streams from the wide openings on both the top and bottom of the shade.

The straight, yet subdued edges of square shades make them ideal for any contemporary space in NYC. Square lampshades pair well with most bases, but they look spectacular with straight-edge designs. Square shaped shades offer a refined, sleek and chic look perfect for the modern-day townhouse or apartment.

These shades will add a bold yet subtle touch to any room while giving off the ideal amount of light. They won't overpower your decor, or block too much light from the bulb.

Sophisticated Square Shades for Table Lamps

Square lampshades look excellent atop tables. Consider placing these lamps on long rectangular dining tables or square end tables. The four-sided design of the shades will seamlessly mimic the construction of the tables for a clean, streamlined effect. Or, place a square-shaped lampshade on a round table to create an interesting and unexpected texture in your room design.

No matter where you set your square lamp shade, it will surely complement your overall decor with its tasteful design. 

Light Up Your Life With New Square Shades

Breath new light into your home by treating yourself to a new set of lampshades. If you have any questions about our custom design process or online stock, simply call us at (646) 846-9228 or fill out our online contact form today. We look forward to hearing about your design goals.

Lamp Shades Hardback Retro Drum Lamp Shade Oriental Lamp Shade

Silk Lampshades

Silk Lampshades in NYC

When you're working on your home decor, you want every element to fit together and flatter your space perfectly. Your wall color, paint, and trim should complement your floor and furniture, your decor should accent your aesthetic and your lighting should add the desired degree of warmth. While you may focus heavily on your furniture design and placement, paint colors and accent decor as the most critical part of your home design, remember that quality lamps are a large piece in creating an attractive and functional space.

As an essential element of home design, the right lamps offer illumination to highlight the room's best qualities and provide light and warmth on overcast days or at night. Unique Lampshades also offer complementary design elements to fit in with the rest of your room's decor and complete its look. When it comes to standing out as a space's focal point or blending in with the rest of the decor, your lampshade makes all the difference.

If the shade style you're searching for is sleek, sophisticated and versatile, Oriental Lamp Shade Company's selection of silk lampshades offers you the quality, variety, and design you need.

Beautifully Crafted Handmade Silk Lampshades

Here at Oriental Lamp Shade, you'll find a large, stunning selection of ready-made silk lampshades customized in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles to suit your home design. We also provide custom, one-of-a-kind, handmade silk lampshades that are hand-sewn with unique attention to detail and expert stitching in every shade - give us a call to get started on your custom silk lampshade.

Looking for a quicker option? Our online ready-made 100% pure silk selection will complement a variety of home styles and add a gorgeous touch to your room decor. Whether your home design is modern, minimalist, rustic or elegant, you'll find something here to complete the look and accent your lighting.

We offer Empire shapes, bell shapes, cut corners, Euro shape, and drum silk lampshades and pleated silk lampshades of all variations, sizes, and colors. Choose a lovely silk shade to spruce up the look of a lamp that never quite fit your home decor, or find a stunning shade to suit your brand new lamp base. Select a simple silk shade for your bedside table or a sophisticated pleated bell shade for your sitting room. Whatever you're looking for, Oriental Lamp Shade offers the high-quality styles you need to outfit your home according to your tastes.

100% Pure Silk Lampshades to Suit Your Home

When you're searching for the perfect lampshade to complete your lamp's design, complement your decor and finish your home interior fashionably, you'll find that our 100% pure silk lampshades can fit any aesthetic. With a versatile variety of styles, shapes, and sizes, we ensure everyone can find a shade to love and display proudly.

Here at Oriental Lamp Shade Company, we hand-sew and stitch each of our custom hand-sewn lampshades with expert care and precision. In addition to our ready-made shades, we offer custom-made options to suit your home and integrate your tastes precisely. No matter what you choose, count on our impeccable quality and flawless style to elevate your home design for years to come.

To learn more about our lovely lampshades or our services, contact us online or call us at (646) 846-9228 today.