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 Drum Lampshades

When you're styling your home to suit your tastes and your vision, every detail contributes to the coordination of the whole. From your furniture and decor elements to your floor type, wall color and personal touches, every aspect should complement each other — and the right lighting choice is no exception.

As the element that illuminates the room's features and ties your design together, the right lamp contributes both light and its own visual interest to your home. When you're searching for unique, high-quality lamp shades to put the finishing touch on your design, Oriental Lamp Shade Company offers a versatile variety of drum shades you'll love.

Our Online Selection of Drum Lampshades for Sale

At Oriental Lamp Shade, our large selection of high-quality drum shades is designed to suit a variety of homes and styles. Whether you're looking for a new bedside lamp or living room light, our ready-made shades are built for any room and any home aesthetic. Pick from a variety of materials, colors, sizes and styles to match your home decor vision — or give us a call at (646) 846-9228 to learn more about a custom lampshade design.

Lampshade Store in New York City

With a stunning variety of custom hand-sewn and ready-made lampshades to meet your needs, Oriental Lamp Shade is proud to maintain the highest level of precision, attention to detail and quality materials. As the only New York store authorized to make and repair lampshades in one location, we can repair, replace or provide you with a custom shade to suit your tastes. Explore our beautiful online selection of drum shades or stop by our storefront for a different variety of options.

What Is a Drum Shade?

Well-loved for their versatility and the variety of lamp styles they fit, drum shades are shorter versions of cylinder shades, which often have a greater width than their height. Named because their classic form looks like a drum, this style of lampshade typically has a top and a base of equal or very similar diameter. Their classic shape makes them an ideal fit for lamp bases with wide bases, as well. With multiple variations and shapes, however, drum shades can offer variety and visual interest for any style.

How to Style Drum Lampshades in Your New York City Home

When it comes to complementing your home's style with the look of your lampshade, the right choice depends on your personal aesthetic — but you should follow a few general guidelines to make your lamp choice look as beautiful as possible. To create a visual balance, make sure the shade complements your lamp base proportionately and stylistically.

Your shade style should fit or complement the base style. For example, a traditional or elegant lamp base would look best with an equally elegant shade — like a V-notch drum — while a more modern base would fit better with a cylinder or rectangle hardback drum. Your lampshade should also fit your base in terms of size, hanging no lower than your lamp base's top and extending slightly wider than the base's bottom.

Balancing your shade with other elements of the room decor is crucial, as well. If you have multiple lamps in one room, make sure their shades have at least one unifying feature — like material, color or shape.

Whatever your home's aesthetic, drum shades offer a variety of visually interesting options for your New York City home. Stop by our storefront, shop online or call (646) 846-9228 for information on your own custom lampshade today.