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Our Online Selection of Euro Style Lampshades

Oriental Lamp Shade offers a large, beautiful variety of ready-made and custom hand-sewn lampshades manufactured with the highest quality of materials and the utmost attention to detail. Explore our extensive online selection or visit our storefront for a variety of different options. Whether you purchase online or in person, our Euro-style lampshades will put that finishing touch on your room designs.

We offer a large online selection of European Style Lampshades. From classic pleated Euro designs to Euro-style empire, hardback and string lampshades, our beautiful ready-made shades have something to offer in every home. Choose from a variety of sizes, materials, and colors to fit your lamp base and your space's aesthetic. We offer a guide to measure your lamp properly, in order for you to find the right size lampshade.

Premier Euro Lampshade Store in New York City

If you're not finding that perfect shade in our online Euro collection, Oriental Lamp Shade Company specializes in custom Euro-style lampshades. Choose from a large number of fabric options or send us a fabric that you already have. Our custom, hand-sewn shades allow you to chose pleating styles, size, color, and more. Ask to talk with a consultant about your vision. Our design consultants have been working in lighting for years and will be able to help you bring that vision in your head to life.

Give us a call today at (646) 846-9228 to learn more about our custom and ready-made European designs.

What is a European Style Lampshade?

Commonly referred to as straight empire shades, Euro-style lampshades are shaped somewhat like a cone with the top lopped off. The main difference that sets this cone-shaped shade apart from other cone-shaped lampshades is the ratio of the diameter of the top of the shade to the diameter of the bottom of the shade. European-style lampshades are in between an empire shade and a drum lampshade, these shades have the same top and height sizes and a bigger bottom than top and height. They are typically made for smaller table lamps and make a lovely addition to your modern home design.

How to Style Euro Lampshades in Your New York City Home

Wondering how to complement your home's aesthetic with the right kind of Euro-style lampshade? When it comes to room design, the right shade is all about your individual tastes, style preferences, and decor choices. As a few general guidelines, however, your lampshade should complement the style of the lamp's base and fit the lamp proportionately.

If you're outfitting a traditional lamp base, for example, a pleated Euro-style shade may be the best fit — whereas a modern base would look better with a sleek hardback or string lampshade. The bottom of your lampshade should be a little wider than the bottom of the lamp base, and it shouldn't hang any lower than the top of your lamp base. Following these proportions helps create visual balance.

No matter your aesthetic style, a Euro-style lampshade will add class and coordination to your New York City home. Shop our online selection, stop by our store or call (646) 846-9228 for more info on a custom lampshade today.