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Euro Style Hardback Lampshade Lamp Shades
from $45.00

Euro Style Hardback Lampshade

Euro Style with hand rolled edge and hard back Lampshade Hint: This shade will give your room a clean and modern look

from $45.00

Euro style lamp shades, also commonly called straight empire shades, are shaped like a cone with the top lopped off. This cone-shaped shade family has three basic members: coolie, empire, and euro. The main difference between each of these shade shapes is the ratio of the diameter of the top of the shade to the diameter of the bottom of the shade. The tops of euro shades have the widest diameter of the three cone shapes and the steepest sides. They also tend to be shorter than traditional empire shades.


Euro shades have an elegant design aesthetic and can be found in many New York City homes. Hardback, parchment, and laminated euro shades are best suited for modern decor, while fabric and pleated euro-shaped shades will look best in a traditional setting.

Are you on the hunt for the perfect euro lamp shade to fit into your home? Look no further. Oriental Lamp Shade Company has a variety of beautiful euro lamp shades. With an array of sizes, shapes and colors to choose from, we guarantee that you'll find the perfect lamp shade. These unique euro lampshades are a beautiful combination of the classic drum and empire lampshade styles. If you're ready to update your lamp style to something trendier, euro lampshades are for you.

Our lamp shades are crafted with quality, sturdy materials and are made to last. We've worked tirelessly to hand make our lampshades, combining pristine quality with exceptional craftsmanship. The beautifully simple design of our classic lamp shades will be a great addition to any room or space, both commercial and residential.

With Oriental Lamp Shade Company, you know you'll be getting excellent service. Because our family has been providing lamps and lampshades for over three generations, you know you'll be working skilled professionals. Our combined experience guarantees that you'll get the best service. Oriental Lamp Shade Company has been honored by a New York Times House and Home article entitled "Room to Improve", along with multiple other publications.

Our 85 years of experience in the lamp industry ensures that you'll get the best lamp or lampshade possible. We'll sit down with you and tirelessly work until you are satisfied with the end product.

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