How to choose the style and size


First you need to choose the shape of the shade for your lamp. If you already have a lamp and just want to replace the shade you can keep the same shape, or if you want to renew the style you can pick a different format that also fits your lamp.


oriental-lampshade-bell-shade Bell is a traditional shape and fits really well traditional home décor. If you are looking for an oriental style for your Asian style lamp, this could also be a good fit.
This is a specific shape that can bring a very traditional or contemporary look based on the style of the lamp.
The Drum is a contemporary shape and usually is best paired with geometrical bases. This is always a good choice for a more modern look.
This is a classic shape that can fit well in different bases and styles.
oriental-lampshade-euro-shade The Euro has a wider top diameter and is shorter than an Empire. This shade, when laminated, brings a very contemporary look. Usually when in fabric fits a more traditional style.
This shape brings an interestingly geometric feeling.
 oriental-lampshade-square-rectangle-shade Usually the square/rectangle shapes match well with the square/rectangle bases. If you are looking for something different, you can also contrast it with a round base for an unexpected twist.

After you choose your shape you also need to choose the right size based on the size of your lamp base. First you need to measure your lamp base from the bottom of the base to the bottom of the electrical socket attached on the top of the lamp base.  


      For table lamps, the height of the shade should be approximately 60% to 80% of the height of the lamp base. For floor lamps, the height of the shade should be around 20% of the height of the lamp base.
      The second measurement should be the width of the shade. The lampshade should be about 2x wider than the widest part of the base. Calculate this simply by measuring the widest part of the lamp base and multiplying by two.