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Coolie Lamp Shades

Lamps bring essential light to the different rooms in your house and can add a great deal to your interior decor. The lampshade and the lamp itself are both important pieces. The lamp's design and shade can be simple, elegant, modern or minimalist, allowing you to choose and incorporate your own personal styleThe lampshade can also be made with different materials and come in a variety of colors and patterns.

Oriental Lamp Shade Company offers coolie shades online, you'll find a vast selection of lamp styles and shades all in one place. We create top-quality, custom shades to help you achieve the perfect style for your home. When you just can't find the perfect shade for a lamp in your room, we'll custom design a shade to make your vision a reality.

We have several different styles of coolie lampshades available online. Whether you are looking for a string coolie, a coolie bell lampshade, or a basic coolie, we have what you are looking for.

What Is a Coolie Lampshade?

A Coolie shade's shape was inspired by Coolie hats popular in Asian countries like Indonesia, Cambodia, China, Korea and more. The hats are also called Asian conical hats, farmers hats, and Asian rice hats. No matter what they're called, they all have the same notable shape — a wide brim with a pointed, cone-shaped top.

While Coolie lampshades do not have this exact shape, their design mimics it. This style of lampshade has a narrower top and a wider bottom and can come in lots of different shapes and styles within this one type of lampshade.

Even within this one style, Coolie shades come in different shapes and colors. You'll find a more standard Coolie shade with a smooth material and a simple, single color. You'll see a bell-shaped Coolie shade that has a unique look to it. You'll find pleated Coolie lampshades to give it a more textured look — and these are just a few different types of Coolie shades available.

Custom Options From Oriental Lamp Shade

Oriental Lamp Shade is different than others in the area. Other stores and online sellers will have a limited inventory, but we have virtually endless possibilities when it comes to helping you find the perfect base and shade for your lamp. When you do not have to make compromises on your vision for your home, you can make your decor perfectly keep in line with your tastes and style.

With our custom options, we will help you create the perfect shade to fit into your home. Whatever style of decor you have, we will make something that will seamlessly fit in with your other pieces and add needed light to the room.

You can customize every part of your shade. We have the skills to turn a memento into a unique lamp, with more than 50 material choices available for the shade and the expertise you need to make the perfect lamp.

Our custom shades are hand-sewn from start to finish. We put in a great deal of care into every one of our custom projects to ensure the best quality.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and quality, or give us a call at (646) 846-9228.