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Jade Lamps

Are your favorite lamps and shades aging a little too much? As both a light source and decor detail, lamps are an essential part of your home design. However, when your lampshades start to lose their color, look aged or become outdated in style, it's time to update the shade — or the entire lamp.

When you're searching for new table lamps that exude elegance and exotic style, Oriental Lamp Shade Company's selection of jade table lamps ensure a perfect fit for your home.

Our Selection of Jade Table Lamps

Looking for classy lighting decor that offers a fresh element for any room? Here at Oriental Lamp Shade Company, we offer a breathtaking variety of traditional jade lamps in many sizes, shapes, styles, and colors. Whether your aesthetic tastes are cool and minimal, rich and rustic or exotic and sophisticated, our beautiful selection has a lamp to suit your style and home.

Choose from authentic green, blue, white and deep brown bases with bell, empire or drum lampshades — each with their own unique design. Our elegant jade lamps will complement any room as the crowning touch to your design. Need assistance or advice selecting the right piece? Contact Oriental Lamp Shade at (646) 846-9228.

Why Is Jade so Valuable?

When it comes to a style that is uniquely classic and exotic, jade embodies elegance like no other material. Rare, radiant and rich in symbolism, this stone brings both meaning and style to your room's aesthetic.

Jade is a precious stone material that dates back to 2500-3500 B.C and has been prized in Chinese culture for hundreds of years. For centuries, jade has symbolized grace, beauty, and purity. It is also believed to possess inherent, invaluable spiritual properties. The stone is even used as a rejuvenating, positive force though to assist in therapeutic healing and bring balance to the mind, body, and home in the spiritual circles of feng shui and alternative healing. Today, it has become more valuable than ever, especially in Asia. In fact, Chinese culture values jade more than gold because it represents a long and healthy life.

Jade is easily shaped into jewelry, furniture, and ornate shapes. In addition to its unique beauty, it offers a sense of harmony, serenity and aesthetic balance.

Here at Oriental Lamp Shade Company, our jade table lamps are designed with simplicity and sophistication to bring calmness, value, and style to your home. Introduce the ancient, exotic stone to your sleek modern decor, and enjoy the light it brings.

Find the Perfect Jade Lamp at Oriental Lamp Shade

Ready to harness the serenity and style of jade for your own home? Oriental Lamp Shade Company is your source for the highest quality and most exquisite designs, offering different lamp and shade options both online and in our Upper West Side storefront. With more than 80 years of experience in lighting and lampshades, we know how to add flair that fits your space.

The beauty of jade speaks for itself — which is why simple, clean-cut lampshades are the perfect complement. Our sleek shades in light colors complement each jade frame to let the material's inherent beauty stand out. Explore the pristine possibilities and purchase the perfect jade table lamp today. Feel free to contact us for expert assistance.