Collection: Oval Lampshades

Oval Lampshades For Your Home

Nothing compares to stepping into the perfectly lit room. When you get the lighting just right, every element of the interior design works together to create a flawless aesthetic. From beautiful upholstery to smooth tabletops and windowsills, every detail in your space will glow with warm light.

Whether you're designing your home from scratch or simply looking for the perfect replacement lampshade, Oriental Lampshade has everything you need to create your dream lighting effect.

We offer both ready-made and custom shades. You can choose from hundreds of different colors, designs and fabrics. If you need a pre-existing lampshade re-created, we can help with that, too. You can even bring in your own already-purchased fabric and we'll transform it into the lampshades you're envisioning.

Introducing the Oval Shaped Lampshade

Oval lamp shades contain a shape that’s wider side to side than it is front to back. An oval shade may have an oval profile from the top, but have any of the other lamp shape lines when viewed from the side, such as an oval bell, an oval empire, an oval drum, etc. French oval shades are an elegant hybrid of rectangle and oval, with corners softened by rounded ends.

These shades allow the ideal amount of light to permeate throughout any indoor space. Light pours over the top and out the bottom of the beautifully soft lamp edges and glazes over the entire room. If you have any questions about our custom design process for our oval shaped lampshades, you can call us at (646) 846-9228

Elegant, Classical Style With a Smooth Touch

Oval lampshades offer an air of elegance with their flowing design and presence. If you're envisioning an element of timeless beauty in your home, these oval-shaped shades are an excellent place to start.

The flat sides of oval lamp shapes make them perfect for tight spaces like console tables and bedside tables, or any other places where the lamp needs to sit tightly against a wall. Oval shades are the most effective when their shape complements the shape of the lamp base. If you’re in search of a retro lampshade, oval shades are a great choice. We offer a variety of oval lamp shades for sales in the Manhattan, NYC, area.

Styles That Pair Well With Oval Shaped Lamps

The very popular bell-shaped shade is commonly purchased along with our oval shaped options. If you're looking for more variety, you might consider pairing your oval lampshades with squares ones. The combination of curved and straight edges creates an alluring and luxurious design effect.

Or, stick with one shape for a streamlined effect. Oval shades create a fluid, focused ambiance that captures the attention of anyone who walks in the room.

These rounded shades are also perfect for creating contrast in high profile rooms. If the space you're looking to illuminate features a long square table with prominent corners, oval-shaped lamps will add an element of sophistication and softness.

Styling Your NYC Home With an Oval Shaped Lamp

Many modern and contemporary homes incorporate oval-shaped elements to balance their otherwise sleek and straight-edged character. No matter the style and design of your home, oval-shaped shades will bring your lighting decor vision to life. Give your room a new face by adding a replacement lampshade over the top of your lamp bases. Even though lampshades themselves are not typically the center of attention, they are responsible for curating your dream ambiance.

If you have any questions about our design process or in-store stock, call us at (646) 846-9228 or fill out our online contact form today. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing how we can add more light to your life.