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Don't get hardware store lamp repairs. If you have a lamp that isn't working properly or an old shade that needs to be brought back to life, Oriental Lamp Shade Company can repair it for you. Located in the Upper West Side of New York City, we provide 85+ years of in-house lamp experience - making and repairing most lighting fixtures and lamps.

Most importantly, our fully integrated services go beyond the repair as it pertains to future usage. We individually assess each table or floor lamp repair and are conscious of minor improvements that can complement or enhance the lamp. Whether you need to rewire a lamp or replace a lamp socket, we have you covered.

Choose Oriental Lampshade Company for Lighting & Lamp Repair

Oriental Lampshade offers the best lamp repair in New York City. With close to a century of lamp experience, we are the repair shop with the most expertise. If you have a lamp that is broken and needs to be fixed, contact Oriental Lamp Shade Company at (646) 846-9228.

While many hardware stores and other shops promise lamp repair services, there are many reasons why you’ll want to rely on Oriental Lamp Shade Company for your lamps:

    • A fix is an important safety issue. A broken lamp can be a fire hazard, and you want a qualified lamp repair expert such as Oriental Lamp Shade Company completing the work to ensure you do not cause a fire in your home or office. You don’t want the liability or the hassle of a lamp that overheats or sparks. We can help you avoid the mistakes you may find in the work of other generalist repair stores.
    • We have the experience. Oriental Lamp Shade Company is a New York City lighting store that is a qualified and experienced lamp repair shop with the expertise to handle almost any lamp, from an antique lamp repair to a lamp socket replacement.
    • We know lamps. We create custom lamps from scratch. You can bring in a beloved object, and we will turn it into a lamp. We build lamps from creating custom bases to completely hand stitching the perfect shades. We have extensive knowledge and pride ourselves on transparency and honesty to inform our customers about what can and cannot be done with lamp repairs.
    • We do our own work. We make and repair our lamps in-house, which ensures safety and the highest standard of quality since we oversee the whole process.
    • We have the material. We have an endless supply of fabrics and materials, including 100% silk. If your lampshade is ripped, damaged, or worn, we have the ability to repair almost any lampshade, no matter the fabric that the shade was previously crafted with.
    • We have the track record. Our customers rave about our repair services, and we have five-star reviews on Google, Yelp, and other platforms. Designers, interior decorators, set designers, and other professionals turn to us, and our customers recommend us to friends and family. Read our reviews and see for yourself.
    • We help you get the lamp you want. If you need to fix a broken lamp, you may want to make changes to make the lighting fit your home or place of business. With Oriental Lamp Shade Company, we have the ability to repair and update your lamp or lampshade.
rewire tiffany lamp rewire vintage lamp

Lamp Socket Replacement in NYC

When a consumer asks us to replace the socket, we will not only consider what type of socket should be utilized but also analyze how the table or floor lamp is being used. This allows us to select a socket that will match the appropriate wattage use and heat, as well as the size of the shade. Often, the type of lampshade establishes the type of bulb, which then determines the socket and harp.

We also offer an assortment of different sockets such as three-way sockets, one-way push sockets, one-way turn sockets, porcelain sockets and many others, including European sockets.

Lastly, we specialize in the conversion of European wiring standards to our American standard of wiring. All of the lamps we rewire will be to the UL standard. This is necessary for any commercial lighting.

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Whether your lamp needs socket replacement or a complete rebuild, contact Oriental Lamp Shade Company at (646) 846-9228 to speak to our designers and repair specialists today or if you are close to us feel free to bring your Lamp to our store in New York City for a free consultation. Also, if you need a lampshade relining or a replacement lampshade, we can also provide those services.