Collection: Empire Lampshades

Are you looking for an elegant lampshade to complement your decor and add class to your room design? When you're decorating your house to style it into the home you envision, every element should come together with style to suit the aesthetic you desire. From your furniture design to the color of your walls, each detail of your design is vital to the whole — including lighting.

As the feature that illuminates your space, your lamps add warmth to your rooms, make your best design elements stand out and let you use your space in the dark. In addition to their functionality, lamps tie into your space visually — and the right lampshade makes all the difference.

When you're searching for a unique, high-quality lamp shade to illuminate your style, Oriental Lamp Shade Company offers you the selection of ready-made and custom handmade empire lampshades to complement your lamp bases and suit your home.

Our Online Selection of Empire Lampshades for Sale

At Oriental Lamp Shade, we offer a beautiful selection of custom empire lampshades and ready-made empire lampshades for sale. When you want a one-of-a-kind design, our handmade, hand-sewn lampshades offer expert stitching and incredible attention to detail. Give us a call today at (646) 846-9228 to talk about your custom design. If you need a lampshade in less time, our large selection of ready-made shades is just as inspiring.

Choose from pleated designs, hardback shades and classic empire shades in a variety of sizes, styles, colors, and materials. From modern to rustic, an empire lampshade complements any home aesthetic. Whether you're searching for a shade for your coffee table, bedside, mantel or living room, you'll find something right for your style in our online selection. We also offer a guide to help you find the perfect size and style of shade for your lamp.

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Oriental Lamp Shade is proud to be the premier destination boutique lamp & shade store in New York City for over 88 years. We have the know-how and experience to consult and create beautiful pieces for your home. From custom lampshade repairs to ready-made shades and custom hand-sewn designs, we offer you the utmost in expert precision and care. While our online selection is extensive and exquisite, you can also visit our storefront to explore a different variety of options.

What is an Empire Lampshade?

With a classic tapered design, pleated empire lampshades are shaped like cones cut off at the top. As the most traditional shape in the conical family of lampshades, these shades are closely related to coolie and Euro shape lampshades — but with the smallest ratio of diameter between the top and bottom, they offer a subtle but stylish design that works well with any home aesthetic. Empire lampshades are elegant and versatile, pairing well with natural fabrics like linen and silk.

How to Style an Empire Lampshade in Your New York City Home

When you're looking for an empire lampshade to complement your home design, the right choice depends on your tastes. You should aim to match or offset the shade's style with the base of the lamp itself by choosing a similar vibe. If you have a retro- or modern-style base, for example, a sleek hardback shade will let the style shine through — whereas a pleated empire lampshade would pair better with an elegant or traditional base. The bottom of your lampshade should also be a bit wider than the bottom of the base to create balance, and the shade should hang no lower than the base's top.

If you're coordinating multiple lampshades in one room, they can vary in shape and size. Just make sure they have one common trait — like material or color — to tie them into your room's complete design.

Whatever your New York home's aesthetic, an empire lampshade will add a stunning touch to any room. Shop our selection online today, visit our storefront or call us at (646) 846-9228 to discuss your custom empire lampshade design.