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Why to use Jade Stone as a piece of Décor?
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Why to use Jade Stone as a piece of Décor?


Jade Table Lamps

Nothing embodies classic oriental design quite like a traditional jade lamp. By including table lamps or small home accessories created using this natural stone, you can add instant luxury and a beautiful focal point in any room. Historically found in homes throughout China for many different purposes, this distinctive stone has a rich history and symbolism in Chinese culture and Chinese interior design.


Today, jade stone appears in many contemporary interior settings; in small and large furniture items, lights, or home accessories. Thanks to its versatile colors and marbled pattern, this material suits either traditional or modern interiors, and is frequently found in many contemporary lighting designs.

We stock a collection of exquisitely crafted Oriental Jade Table Lamps, and so this week we describe some lesser known facts about this prestigious material, and why it has remained a household favorite - for hundreds of years!


The History of Jade Stone

Jade stone is a rare and precious material, highly prized in Chinese culture for many centuries. Historical discoveries show the long history of working with jade in Chinese society - ancient ornaments discovered in Jiangsu made from jade date from 2500 BC, and as far back as 3500 BC in Liaoning. Over the decades, jade has been molded into jewelry, home accessories, furniture, and a wide variety of other precious items. Jade stone is found in many different colors, however the most recognizable, particularly from historical Chinese society, is the ubiquitous emerald green jade.

In Chinese culture, jade has many symbolism, and is believed to bring beauty, grace, and purity; jade is a pure stone which is prized not only for its aesthetic value but also for its inherent spiritual properties. As the famous Chinese proverb states, "gold has a value; jade is invaluable."

The famous philosopher Confucius was also quoted to have praised the power of Jade stone:

"Jade is precious not because it is rare, but because the quality of jade corresponds to virtue. It relates to such virtues as benevolence, wisdom, righteousness, propriety, loyalty, and trustworthiness, and it also corresponds to the ways of the heaven and earth. Jade is mild and gentle, just like a benevolence. The spirit of the jade can be seen in the landscape, like 'when jade lies in a deep pool, it makes the river enchanting. When jade rests on the mountain, the grass becomes luxuriant.' People everywhere cherish jade, which is because people respect and admire virtue."


Jade in Feng Shui and its Uses in Alternative Healing

Jade stone is one of the most popular crystals applied to both alternative healing and feng shui, due to its perceived properties of purity. It’s believed that using jade stone in therapeutic healing creates balance in body, mind, and the home.

Jade can be shaped into ornate shapes quite easily, and hence crafted into many different designs for necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and earrings to wear on the body to encourage rejuvenation. Jade stone is believed to bring peace, a sense of calm, nourishment, and purity. It is said to have a cleansing nature, removing impurities and introducing a feeling of harmony; it's said that when wearing jade, the stone encourages a sense of being elevated and nurtured.

In feng shui, jade can be placed around the home to encourage a feeling of harmony and balance. Many historical Chinese home accessories, table lamps, and furniture items are designed with small or large elements of jade – a subtle way to introduce these spiritual and calming elements into the home and increase a serene atmosphere.

Opting for a jade table lamp is a simple way to introduce these rules of feng shui and a sense of purity into your home. Our collection of  Oriental Jade Table Lamps includes a wide variety of styles and shapes that will suit many interior styles and different room types. Whether you're looking to light a hallway, dining room, living room or bedroom, our curated selection of jade table lamps promises to decorate your home with flair. Shop our exclusive collection, and introduce a little feng shui, balance, and harmony in your own home.


Lamp Shades for Jade Lamps

To accessorize a jade table lamp, opt for more simple lamp shade styles that won't detract from the base by overpowering in either color or style. A simple, clean cut coolie lamp shade, Euro lamp shade or drum shade in a light cream hue works well. Our selection of soft backed lamp shades and Silk Lampshades in a range of light colors pair perfectly with a jade table lamp base, plus if you're looking for a truly classic Oriental style, then a coolie lamp shade such as our Basic Coolie Shade is by far the best choice.


You can even read our blog: A Buying Guide for Coolie Lamp Shades, for more inspiration.





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