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Hardback Retro Drum Lamp Shade

Hardback Retro Drum Lamp Shade

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The Handmade rolled edge hardback Retro Styled Drum shade is perfect for modern or traditional décor, lending a softer, retro look to any lighting style. This Hardback Retro Drum lampshade comes in 10x12x9", 12x14x9.5" and 14x16x10" for tabletop lamps, and the larger 16x18x12" and 18x20x13" sizes offer the perfect lamp shade for floor lamps of different styles. To customize, you can choose from natural, 100% pongee silk as a fabric or choose more casual materials such as fine linen, linen or burlap. For an easy-clean and durable option, rayon is also available. 

This lampshade comes in neutral colors such as oyster, sand, off-white, white and beige, black and grey so the main focus is on the timeless beauty of the lighting. With a chrome finish spider and rolled edge detailing, this lampshade has the elegant, fine details which denote quality while remaining understated.

This shade provides a great way to turn the older square or rectangle-shaped lamp into a more contemporary look and feel and saves space on a bedside table or office desk. Compatible with single or 2 light bulb configurations.


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