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Buying Guide: Coolie Lamp Shades
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Buying Guide: Coolie Lamp Shades

This week, we explore the characteristics of the coolie lamp shade style. Reminiscent of Chinese coolie hats, this lamp shade design features a narrower top and a wider bottom and provides an oriental style to home or work lamps.


Lamp Bases for Coolie Lamp Shades

There are three main styles of lamp bases that are best paired with coolie lamp shades:

1. Spherical or squat lamp bases

Squat or rounded lamp bases match well with the short, conical shape of a coolie lamp shade. Coolie lamp shades appear shorter than other lamp shades, with a shorter profile, and so complement other short lamp base styles.


photo credits: Pinterest


2. Very tall lamp bases

Conical coolie lamp shades are also often traditionally paired with long, very tall lamps, such as buffet lamps or candlestick lamps. The long stem of this lamp base accentuates the triangular profile of a coolie shade for a classic look; this style suits traditional interior themes.


photo credits: Pinterest

3. Floor lamps

Coolie lamp shades can provide a striking finishing touch on tall floor lamps, casting light wider at the base than the top for ample yet ambient light in any room.


photo credits: visual comfort

Is it right for me?

Unsure if a coolie lamp shade is the right style for your lamp and for your space? We’ve listed the key positive and negative facts of this lamp shade design, to help you decide.



Wide Illumination

Coolie lamp shades cast light wide underneath and narrower on top. This allows a broad spread of light, making it perfect for bedsides, desks or by the side of sofas, for brightly illuminating spaces for reading or working.


Classic and Contemporary

Coolie lampshades are one of the most versatile lamp shade styles, and can be used on either contemporary or classic lamp bases. This versatility means that they can be relocated to new lamps, and also complement a variety of interior decorative themes.



Not Suited to Small Spaces

Coolie lamp shades, due to the wide span of the lower rim of the shade, can take up more space than another lampshade design. If fitting a new lamp shade in a small room or space, consider using a shallow retro drum style lamp shade, or a European style lamp shade. These designs are narrower, and less likely to obstruct walkways or other objects.


Single Bulb Only

If your lamp has two or three cluster light bulbs, a coolie lamp shade will not accommodate the space required to house these types of bulbs. In this scenario, we recommend using a taller harp or a lampshade extender to create additional height.


If you are searching for a bespoke coolie lamp shade for your work or home lamp, speak to us today or shop our collection through our exclusive online store. Our extensive selection of coolie lamp shades feature both decorative pleated styles, and simple contemporary designs, in a variety of colors and fabrics for any budget. Explore our full collection here, or speak with us today on (646) 846-9228.



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