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Blue and White Porcelain Table Lamps
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Blue and White Porcelain Table Lamps

Whether switched on or off, our selection of blue and white, hand-painted porcelain table lamps create a beautiful focal point. Intricately designed and meticulously finished, each lamp base has been painted by hand with tiny details, flowers, and flourishes. In any room, blue and white porcelain lamps are a unique addition, providing much more than just a functional light source.

blue and white porcelain table lamp The timelessness of blue and white porcelain is evident; to this day, this style remains popular all around the world. Versatile and classic, it possesses an enduring appeal to many and remains in use for a wide variety of items for the home. Contemporary products with a nod to the traditional blue and white porcelain include teapots, dishes, and pottery, table lamps, cachepots, and stools.

oriental table lamp chinese porcelain

Blue and White Porcelain Table Lamps

Our collections of blue and white porcelain items are thoughtfully curated with a range of authentic porcelain styles, allowing you to add a traditional element to your space. Cherishing the origins of this beautiful ceramic, our blue and white lamps feature exquisite detailing of dragons, birds, pagodas, trees, and blossoms, inspired by the same patterns as found on historical examples from the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Each lamp in our collection is carefully handpainted by talented artisans.

oriental chinese porcelain table lamp blue and white

Crafted in high-quality materials, our lamps are always made from high-heat fine grade porcelain. More durable than ceramic and with a higher quality finish, our real porcelain is also truer to the origins of blue and white Chinese pottery, for an authentic aesthetic.

Available in a wide selection of sizes and shapes, there's a lamp to suit your space. Discover the full collection of Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Lamps here.

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