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Oriental Interior Design: Decorating Ideas Inspired by the Chinese New Year
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Oriental Interior Design: Decorating Ideas Inspired by the Chinese New Year


January 25, 2020 marks the start of the Chinese New Year and with it an influx of oriental-inspired trends for interiors and lighting. Whether you’re decorating a small or large space, we have compiled our favorite ways to add Chinese interior design elements and oriental lighting in your home.


The Chinese New Year marks a new start and the perfect opportunity to restyle your home. Why not introduce a celebratory Asian interior design theme into your rooms with our 5 top oriental decorating ideas below.



Color is a great place to start when introducing Chinese interior design elements into your home. Oriental style interior design usually follows a minimalist backdrop, with vibrant additions of primary colors such as red, blue and emerald green. These vibrant shades add opulence and are found in elegant oriental ornaments and home accessories. Need some inspiration? Browse our selection of home and garden accessories.


Credits: Pinterest


In particular, the color red plays an integral part in creating elegant Chinese New Year décor as it represents good luck and happiness. You could incorporate this hue in bright cushions or curtains, or in one or two statement lamp shades, to add a bold pop of color (and some good fortune) in your home.


Credits: Pinterest

Chinese Style Furniture

Chinese furniture usually embodies clean lines and rich carvings, with intricate inlays and decadent gold hardware. Home accessories such as umbrella stands or ceramic stools are carefully hand-painted with incredible detail. Explore our exclusive range of oriental home and garden products to decorate your own home with traditionally made Asian furniture.

Credits: Pinterest

Oriental Lighting

Lighting is an essential part of creating an oriental style interior design. Chinese lamps and lighting have long been revered and respected as a fine craft, with intricately sewn, handmade lamp shades and carved or hand-painted lamp bases. Why not introduce a piece of traditional Chinese lighting into your home with one of our own handmade lamp shades or oriental style lamps. Whether a ceiling light or table lamp, our oriental style lighting will add elegant Chinese interior design elements in any room.

 Oriental Interior Design - Oriental Lamp Shade - blue and white Chinese porcelain lamps

Pottery and Ceramics

Traditional oriental pottery adds an instant Asian interior design theme. Famous for its intricate, hand-painted designs, Asian style ceramics are best known for their bright blue and white illustrations. Create your own oriental style interior design and explore our selection of ceramic bowls, cachepots, and porcelain basins.





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