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How to make affordable Home Luxury
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How to make affordable Home Luxury

One of the easiest ways to make affordable home luxury is through layered lighting, a method that involves the use of multiple lighting types to create a balanced and perfectly lit room.

oriental lamp shade affordable lighting luxury
 Credits: Pinterest

How to create different 3 layers of light

First layer

Ceiling lighting. The layers of light from above in overheads lights such as down-lights in the ceiling help to break up a large area and illuminate larger areas that it needs to see in.

 downlight decor oriental lamp shade

Second layer

Task lighting. It will provide illumination in areas that you may work in as the new home office and work from home room. These may be using new dimmable and color featured desk lights. Use mid-sized lamps with reduced translucent lampshades like black shades to concentrate light in your work area. Smart advice: use new 3-way LED light bulbs with 2700K color that can give warmth like old light bulbs.

modsy black lampshades oriental lamp shade

 Credits: Modsy

Third layer

Accent lighting. The last light stage to influence the mood of lighting in the room. A small mini accent lamp can be used to light up an area or a background wall, especially for that new video office/home. Smart advice: if it needs lots of light, that can be accomplished with a high lumens LED bulb. Use a dimmer to create another mood or place next to a mirror to increase the light reflection, adding light, and a pop of color to enhance that luxury look.


oriental lamp shade modsy wall table lamps

Credits: Modsy


Are you looking for further lighting ideas for an affordable luxury lighting style? Why not explore our collection of beautiful table lamps or our selection of mini table lamps?



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