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Should I Switch to LED Light Bulbs | Oriental Lamp Shade Company
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Should I Switch to LED Light Bulbs | Oriental Lamp Shade Company

Should I switch to LED bulbs?

Besides for saving money on your electricity bill, LEDs offer a range of colors and brighter light. LED bulbs are different than the regular old-fashioned lightbulbs, known as incandescent lightbulbs (otherwise Known as those bulbs measured by watts instead of lumens (lm). Lumen is a measurement of brightness, while watts measures amount of energy that the bulb uses.

Save Money

While LED bulbs are more expensive than traditional light bulbs. However, they last much longer and therefore in the long run will save money. Over the lifetime of a bulb, Energy Star calculates that switching just one bulb to LED can result in about $30 to $80 in electricity.


In addition to saving money, traditional bulbs last around 1,000 to 2,000 hours versus up to 50,000 hours for LED bulbs according to a NYT article.

Brighter Lights

LED lights also offer a broader range in the type of light. For incandescent bulbs, they normally emit around 2,700 Kelvin. To provide context, 4,100K represents a cool, white light and closer to 5,000 and above is close to daylight. While standard bulbs are only offered in 2,7000 Kelvin, LEDs are offered within that range and can therefore provide a warmer light similar to traditional bulbs or a cooler, whiter light.

Depending on how many lamps you have in your home, the savings and difference can grow exponentially. However, not all lamps can take LED bulbs, and they can sometimes cause damage in an enclosed environment. Feel free to bring in your lamp, or read about our LED lamp offerings.




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