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Interior Design Trends: Art Deco Style
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Interior Design Trends: Art Deco Style


Timeless and classic, Art Deco interior style remains a popular home décor theme, and after more than 100 years in existence. The decade of the 'roaring twenties' lives on in interior design and lighting, with many of us still choosing beautiful and ornate Art Deco lamp styles in our homes.


What is Art Deco Style?

The Art Deco movement started around 1920 after first becoming popular in France just before the First World War, which lasted from 1914 to 1918. After the war ended, the style became hugely popular, following a resurgence in decadence after years of rationing and scarcity during wartime. The war had brought with it a need to reserve supplies, and to cut back on all unnecessary and lavish possessions. When WWI was over, people celebrated by returning to an age of excessiveness, decorating their homes and abodes with ornate flourishes, luxury possessions, and decorative lighting. It was an exuberant time.


Drinking and eating out was also a popular pastime as people were once again able to enjoy the finer things in life, such as good food, drink, and holidays. As a result, many Art Deco buildings constructed during the period were bars, hotels, and skyscrapers. The Art Deco movement greatly influenced America, and many signs of that lavish period are still found in city skyscrapers and buildings that stand today. In New York, you only need to go as far as the Empire State Building (1931) or Chrysler Building (1930) to spot the recognizable shapes and curved lines from the architecture of that time.

The main features of Art Deco style are:

  • Lots of lavish materials (gold, brass, and marble were fashionable)
  • Patterns were zigzagged, triangular, chevroned or stepped (such as the top of the Chrysler Building).
  • Shapes with sweeping curves and clean lines.
  • Symmetry and precision.


Incorporating Art Deco Style in Your Home

Including subtle or bold Art Deco-inspired touches in your own home is easy to do, given the enduring popularity of the style. You can still find many functional lights with obvious aesthetic nods to the period. Whether it's a wall light, ceiling pendant, chandelier or table lamp, Art Deco lighting has transitioned into the 21st century to blend with a myriad of interior themes.



If you're looking to create ambient wall lighting, why not try our Arcadia Lamp, either alone or with several placed around a room. The distinctive lines in the ridges glass are a typical Art Deco style, held in a striking chrome frame.

An additional option for wall lighting, our Harper Lamp also emits a recognizable Art Deco theme, with a long cylindrical light and a sturdy metal sconce fitting. For an authentic Art Deco lamp, choose a more lavish metal such as polished chrome or brass.


Photo credits: Pinterest


For floor lighting, try our Fluted Spire Floor Lamp - a sculptural floor lamp with a ridged skyscraper shape, as though the Empire State Building itself had inspired it. Opt for gilded iron for a typical Art Deco lamp style.

Alternatively, illuminate dark corners or above seating with our Leipzig LED Torchiere floor lamp. Long, slender and sophisticated, this elegant light includes a polished brass frame and circular light, that would look at home in any Art Deco-inspired setting.

For a ceiling light option, our Semi-Flush Rosehill Light would make the perfect finishing touch in an Art Deco-themed space.


Photo credits: Arch Digest


Are you feeling inspired to incorporate Art Deco lamps and lighting in your own home? Why not take a look at our complete lighting collection for more stylish designs in a variety of floor, ceiling, table, and wall lights.




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