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How To Choose Lighting For A Room: Kitchen
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How To Choose Lighting For A Room: Kitchen

Best Lighting for Kitchens

Kitchens are a space that requires lots of crisp and clear light. Cooking and preparing food is an intricate task, so it’s best to opt for bright light with a cool tone, that allows you to see clearly. Often, spot-lighting is used in kitchens as this creates brightness from multiple angles – meaning you won’t be in your own shadow and hindering your view from just one light. Because functionality is key here, choosing long-lasting LED bulbs and sleek lighting works well in kitchen environments.


-    If you have pendant lights over a breakfast bar or worktop, choose lamp shades that allow plenty of light, such as coolie or retro-style lamp shades. These are wider at the base.



-    When considering how to choose lighting for a kitchen, include multi-angle lights that create lots of directional spots of light, making cooking tasks easier.



-    Wall lights are also a popular choice in kitchens due to ample illumination high and low; try our using our Single Mercury Lamp  for extra effect.

-    For the best level of brightness, opt for light bulbs that have higher than 1000 lumens in brightness, and over 4000k on the Kelvin temperature scale. This will give you bright, crisp light for precise illumination.

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