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How To Choose Lighting For A Room: Bedroom
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How To Choose Lighting For A Room: Bedroom

Best Lighting for Bedrooms


Choosing lighting for a bedroom should be warmer, and certainly not as bright as lighting you would select for other zones in a home. When considering how to choose lighting for a bedroom, remember that this is a quiet and calm space for relaxing, and so bedroom lighting should be cozy and inviting. Warm-toned light bulbs and diffused lighting works best in bedrooms, to create a peaceful look and feel.

Best Lighting for Bedrooms


-   Large areas of soft lighting can be created by using wider drum shades on either ceiling lights or table lamps. Coolie or retro lamp shades are also a great choice.

-   Wall lights with up and down lighting can create softer areas of illumination. Our Wall Arm Swing Light or Single Mercury Lamp work perfectly placed above bedside tables or other bedroom furniture.


-    Use a ceiling light with a diffuser to soften brightness. Our collection of ceiling lights has some great examples.

-    Table lights on bedside units either side of the bed can provide soft spots of light for reading by. Match with a lamp shade that compliments the color scheme of your room for a harmonious theme.

-    Opt for light bulbs that are under 3500K – any higher than this will be too white and bright for a bedroom.

How To Choose Lighting For A Room: Bedrooms

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