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French Oval Lampshade Shantung Silk in Black Gold Lining


Are you in search of a sleek, elegant and sophisticated lamp shade to replace your old one and add new life to an older lamp or bring a stylish touch to a new lamp? When it comes to a design detail like a lamp shade, aspects like color, material, shape and style make all the difference to how well your lamp fits into your space, complements your other home decor and completes your design. If you’re looking for the very best in quality and style, Oriental Lamp Shade Company offers expert manufacturing, original designs and a unique make in every shade.

When you’re searching for an oval lamp shade with a unique, classy design to suit your space’s sophisticated style, our French Oval lamp shade offers you a sleek shape, superior quality and expert design. In addition to its stylish make and longevity, this shade offers you custom options to suit your home and aesthetic.

We have the ability to create custom lamp shades to fit your needs.

Choose from Handkerchief Cotton Linen, Shantung Silk, Supreme Satin and Anna material in off-white or white color options. To make sure your new French Oval shade fits the lamp you have in mind, we also offer dimension choices of:

  • (5x6) x (8x10) x 8
  • (7x8) x (12x14) x 11
  • (6x7) x (10x12) x 9
  • (8.5x10) x (15.5x18) x 13.5
  • (7.75x9.25) x (14x16) x 12
  • (5.25x7.5) x (10.5x12) 9
  • (8.75x11) (17x20) 13.5
  • (8x10.5) (15x18) 12.75
  • (7.5x9.75) (14x16) 12
  • (6.75x8.5) (12.25x14) 10.5
  • (6.75x8.5) x (12.25x14) x 10.5
  • (7.5x9.75) x (14x16) x 12
  • (8x10.5) x (15x18) x 12.75
  • (8.75x11) x (17x20) x 13.5

With an elegant bell shape and oval bottom, our French Oval lamp shade is sure to complement whatever room you place it in. Order yours online from Oriental Lamp Shade Company today.