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New year, New trends

New year, New trends


New year, new trends: lighting trends for 2017 Lighting is one of the most important elements of interior design.

Lighting basically determines how the room will look and what feel it will have. Everything from the light fixtures themselves to light bulbs and placement matters. There are also trends in lighting design that you should look into, if you want your home to look truly modern and up-to-date. And since I own a website about lighting called LEDwatcher, I thought I can be the one to tell you about the biggest trends in lighting for 2017, that will guarantee that your lighting game is on point.


Jewel Tones are in

In interior design jewel tones are the hit for 2017 and lighting design is no exception. Such tones as sapphire blue, emerald green and ruby red are widely used for light fixtures and even light bulbs. Just be careful with these colors, as these deep, intensive tones can create a bit dramatic or gloomy look to your living space. So balance them out with lighter colors and use these jewel-toned light fixtures in rooms like the living room or dining room, because these rooms usually handle dramatic elements better.


Nature is a huge inspiration this year

Also, natural materials, shapes and colors are being used a lot in lighting lately. Especially trendy are light fixtures and lamps with flora and fauna elements. These details are reflected either in chandeliers that are made from natural materials such as tree branches or in regular light fixtures that come in earth tones and with nature patterns printed or added on them. It will create very organic, relaxing and earthy look to your home. And because light fixtures with nature elements can be successfully included in almost any interior or room if chosen correctly, you can’t go wrong with having a nature inspired lamp in your home.


Technology embraces lighting too

Lighting trends also include the technology innovations that are used for lights. And in 2017 it’s all about LED lights. LEDs are superior to traditional light bulbs in many ways. Not only they are energy efficient, but also more durable and environmentally friendly. So LEDs will be lighting up more and more houses this year. Add the fact that now there are innovative smart LED bulbs that can be controlled via smartphone, and you have yourself technology advanced lamps, that offer functionality, style and trendy look.


Geometry is not just for the classroom anymore

If you really are willing to follow newest trends in lighting then lights in geometric shapes are a must-have in your space. Triangles, squares, rectangles, hexagon, cylinders, spheres and other geometric shapes are fashionable and current, and are a common occurrence in many modern interiors. They create very modest, yet still sophisticated and elegant statement. And as there are infinite variations of geometric shapes, you can have an original light fixtures that will fit in well into any interior.


Bigger is still better

Just like in previous years in 2017, too, big and even over-sized light fixtures are the thing to have. Normally people are looking for fixtures that are proportional to the rest of their interior and blend into the room. But now with these huge lamps the emphases is purposely put on the light fixtures. No matter if that is an over-sized floor lamp or a luxurious chandelier, it must be big and stand out. Just make sure that the style of your big lamp is complimentary to the rest of the room, since otherwise the light fixture will look out of pace and won’t do any good to your interior design.

As you can see, there are many different lighting trends that will be popular this year. You can choose the ones that fit with your taste and the interior you already have in your home, and implement them in your living quarters. But no matter which trend you decide on, you can be sure that they all will make your home more stylish and hip.



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