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Lighting to Match Your Home’s Style
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Lighting to Match Your Home’s Style

When designing a space, lighting is a key factor that can make or break the overall look and feel. The right lighting choices can enhance and complement the architectural style of your home. In this post, we’ll explore lighting ideas tailored to popular interior design styles.

Rustic Style Lighting

The rustic style is all about bringing natural materials and a cozy, lodge-like feel into a space. Opt for:

  • Antler chandeliers and sconces
  • Wrought iron pendant lights
  • Exposed Edison bulbs on visible cords
  • Mason jar pendants and wall sconces
  • Candle-style LED bulbs in lantern fixtures
  • Floor and table lamps with natural wood accents


 Credit: Adesso Eve Table Lamp
Credit: Adesso Bali Tall Table Lamp


Credit: Adesso Quinn Table Lantern Black


Modern Style Lighting

The modern style is characterized by sleek, contemporary designs and an industrial vibe. Great lighting choices include:

  • Slim linear pendant lights
  • Recessed LED downlights
  • Track lighting
  • Large orb-shaped or domed overhead fixtures
  • Adjustable lamp arms instead of traditional floor/table lamps
  • Smart bulbs that offer color changing options


Credit: House Of Troy LED Adjustable Generation Floor Lamp
Credit: House of Troy Home Office Adjustable Pharmacy Floor Lamp in Antique Brass


Industrial Style Lighting

To complement industrial interiors, look for these lighting options:

  • Vintage-style filament bulbs
  • Bare lightbulbs in cage or sleeve pendants
  • Exposed conduit tubing and junction boxes
  • Gooseneck lamps
  • Loft-style floor and table lamps
  • Pendants and sconces with metal mesh shades
  • Marquee letter lights


1: Adesso Owen Desk Lamp
2: Adesso Bryson Desk Lamp
3: Adesso Bryson Task Floor Lamp


Mid-Century Modern Lighting

For Mid-Century inspired spaces, lighting should have:

  • Splayed, triangular or orb shapes
  • Brass accents and details
  • Bubble lamps or globe pendants
  • Sculptural boomerang, kidney and disc-shaped fixtures
  • Danish modern candlestick lamps
  • Atomic starburst lighting


1: Adesso Mid-Century Modern Charger Table Lap
2: Adesso Cap Floor Lamp


Let your lighting reinforce the character of your home’s architecture. Contact us to explore lighting tailored to your unique style and decor.



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