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Interior Design Styles: New European Trends For 2019
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Interior Design Styles: New European Trends For 2019

The year ahead promises a variety of home interior design themes and plenty of nostalgia, vivacious color palettes, and fringed textures.



With ‘velvet’ officially one of the most searched for terms on the web for interior design styles, the trend for this sumptuous fabric seems to show no signs of slowing. Colors vary from the demure to the daring, from neutral grey to vibrant fuchsia pink, and this plush velvet fabric will be found in everything from headboards to sofas.

New European Trends For 2019


Mid Century Modern

An update on the traditional Mid-Century look, today’s interpretation of this movement includes the same synonymous clean lines and tapered features but upholstered with a lighter palette of pale grey and light blush fabrics. The warm wood typical of the era still features heavily, with dark teak, rosewood, walnut, and oak prevalent throughout.

New European Trends For 2019



This retro 1970s trend has reappeared in abundance for 2019. Lavish and flamboyant, this is a bold, textural trim that we can expect to see on lamp shades, mirrors, rugs and cushions. The forecast looks bright too – with a whole myriad of different colors forecasted in fringed home accessories.

New European Trends For 2019

Credit: Pinterest / Oliver Bonas


Art Deco

 One trend which never seems to be out vogue; the timeless appeal of Art Deco emerges again for 2019, but in a less obvious way. Expect to find touches of graphic lines and fanned shapes, with artful elements of black and gold, that hint to the 1930s Deco movement in a subtler way.

New European Trends For 2019

Credit: Pinterest



Scandinavian influences have been ubiquitous in home interior design for some time now, so it’s no surprise that we see this minimalist trend evolve in a slightly more textural variant for 2019. Maintaining the conservative blonde wood, pale grey, beige, white and touches of black, the Scandi trend moves to a more rustic Nordic feel, with the addition of handwoven textiles and a color palette of dark navy, pale pink, slate grey, and sage green.

New European Trends For 2019

Credit: Ideal Home



One significant trend we’ve spotted for 2019 is the prominence of curved furniture. Shapely circular lines and soft undulating curves are a key interiors trend for this year, especially in soft furnishings such as sofas and beds.

New European Trends For 2019

Credit: John Lewis


Eastern Influence

Oriental influences emerge in 2019 as an interior design trend, with luxurious silk fabrics, graceful bird prints and intricate patterns. Asian inspired prints feature heavily in embroidered velvet throws and bed linen and decorative plush cushions.


New European Trends For 2019

Credit: Ideal Home / Very


Embrace the upcoming trend and decorate your home with unique Asian home accessories from our collection, or illuminate your interiors from our extensive range of lighting and oriental lamp shades.


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