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Hottest Lighting Trends 2023 You'll Obsessed with
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Hottest Lighting Trends 2023 You'll Obsessed with

Illuminate your interior design style in 2023 with the latest lighting trends! Want to know what type of fixtures you should add for maximum visual appeal? Get ready to add a touch of the future, nostalgia and unique style into your home with captivating lighting trends! Ultra-thin cables create an almost gravity-defying effect in futuristic designs. Meanwhile if you hanker for something more vintage chic or tropical vibes, there's plenty of options that pays homage to those eras - from natural materials wickerwork lights perfect for creating Hawaiian feel at home to classic black pieces adding boldness even when turned off.



As the world moves towards greater sustainability, our designers anticipate an increased desire to bring nature into our homes in 2023. Drawing on existing materials such as wood, glass and even seaweed, rope, jute and beads are now being incorporated for a unique look. Imagine chandeliers embellished with beaded strands containing stone pendants crafted from natural elements - adding beauty without compromising eco values! A focus on organic shapes is also gaining momentum; delicate leaf details adorning light fixtures or water droplet-inspired glass pendants will contribute to creating serene yet stylish spaces that embrace both style and sustainability.


rattan lamp, sustainable lighting, lighting trends 2023, adesso lamp

 Credit: Adesso Home
Bali Tall Table Lamp 



There's a growing interior design trend in 2023 of bringing the outside world into our homes - from lush foliage to various motifs and materials. One prominent hue set to grace living spaces this year is terracotta, an aesthetically pleasing color with therapeutic benefits that exudes tranquility. To add further rustic charm, natural textures such as jute, linen or rattan are making their way into modern interiors for greater connection with nature; not just beautifying the space but also providing extra warmth and comfort when desired.



Minimalistic design elements have had a major impact on the world of lighting. This year, simple forms and lack of excess details reign supreme in chandeliers or lamps to emphasize balance between form and function for any setting. When it comes to colors, basic blacks whites grays are always an ideal choice; if you want something more organic-looking try warm honey hues, sand tones tinged with blues skies or earthy pine greens instead!

 minimalist style, lighting trends 2023, desk lamp

 Credit: Adesso Home
Kaye Brushed Steel LED Desk Lamp



Introducing an unexpected and captivating accent to your interior design is a surefire way of creating a unique atmosphere. With the right balance between artfully crafted playfulness and tasteful restraint, you can be certain that any proposal will have maximum impact on reviving even the dullest of rooms!

 LED lamp, LED lighting, LED chandelier, chandelier, adesso lamp

Credit: Adesso Home
Starling LED 15 Light Chandelier



Portable, rechargeable lamps have become an increasingly popular option for those looking to add versatility and convenience to their home's lighting scheme. Drawing energy from a wall socket but requiring no hard-wiring setup or permanent installation, these compact luminaries make it easy to provide the perfect amount of task light in any situation - even furniture pieces without easy access outlets! With its increased accessibility, portability and sustainability credentials this trend is quickly becoming one that promises lasting illumination throughout 2023.


portable lamp, Arnsberg lighting, LED lamp

 Credit: Arnsberg
Alessandro Volta Portable Battery Lamp in White



Add a touch of elegance to your dinner table with one-of-a-kind blown glass lighting fixtures. These pieces create an artistic atmosphere, setting the tone for memorable conversations and meals among friends and family. Trending now in dining room décor, these unique designs are sure to impress!


sculptural lamp, lighting trends 2023, lite source lighting, pendant


Credit: Lite Source Lighting
Belize Pendant in Gold



2023 lights up with a return to nostalgia! Pastel-coloured designs take us back in time, evoking romantic feelings of country house charm and industrial style. Visible light bulbs coupled with warm white shining filaments create an atmosphere filled with coziness for any home décor.

vintage industrial lamp, minimalist lamp, desk lamp

Credit: Adesso Home
White Brunswick Desk Lamp



Coastal Grandmother style has become a timeless classic, now celebrated by generations of all ages! It brings the essence of coastal decor to any environment. Lacking typical nautical features like lighthouses, seahorses, or anchors, it instead relies on a palette consisting of beiges and sand tones; water and sky blues; driftwood grays; as well as crisp whites for an uncluttered yet luxurious look that is sure to provide comfort every time you step inside.

This style is all about achieving a calming, lovingly low-key ambience. Furniture pieces are whitewashed and accessorized with muted tones for an atmosphere that evokes the tranquility of a beach at dawn or dusk. Chrome accents and mirrors would only detract from this calm vibe; instead there's warmth in every element used to create balance within your home environment.

When it comes to lighting, create a cozy and natural atmosphere with pendants, lamps, and chandeliers crafted from raw materials such as rattan weaves, linen textures or bamboo stalks. Unadorned designs in muted finishes like brushed nickel or antique brass will bring an air of effortless luxury into any space - just like Coastal Grandma's wardrobe!

coastal grandma style, coastal grandmother, lighting trends 2023

Credit Picture 1: NICOLAS GOURGUECHON                                                           Credit Picture 2: JOYELLE WEST


tissue box cover, porcelain tissue box

1: Blue & White Birds Porcelain Square Tissue Box
2: Porcelain Rose Canton Square Tissue Box
3: Porcelain Blue & White Chinoiserie Square Tissue Box


blue & white porcelain table lamp

Porcelain Chrysanthemum Tea Jar Lamp



If you’re looking for a stylish, sophisticated way to elevate your home lighting design with minimal fuss, pendants are the perfect solution. On trend right now is an understated look that blends into walls – think of it as subtle texture and visual interest without feeling overly imposing or clunky! Achieving this minimalist look has never been easier!

pendant lights, adesso lamp, pendant lighting


Credit: Adesso Home
Havana Extra Large Pendant Lamp



In 2023, fashion isn't the only trend taking a pleated approach! Home decor is getting in on this stylish look with various pieces of furniture and decorations coming equipped with beautiful pleats. One particular standout example? Pleated lampshades that are sure to add a touch of classiness to any interior setting.

 pleated lampshade

 Credit: Canva Design



This year, LED technology is making huge strides with improved energy efficiency and prolonged life-expectancy. In addition to the range of lighting effects enabled by its dimmable capabilities, new advancements in smart tech mean you can easily control the intensity of your light source directly from a smartphone app or voice command - perfect for setting different moods such as bright when working on projects or soft when relaxing at night.


led lighting, led lamp, desk lamp

 Credit: Adesso Home
Bolton LED Desk Lamp with Smart Switch



Industrial lighting is a timeless favorite, but modern adaptations are taking it to new heights in 2023. With Simple and sleek lines that emphasize contemporary styling yet still maintain high-quality materials for longevity, the Modern Sleek Industrial Style adds an elegant edge with minimal effort - perfect for any dining room or kitchen looking to introduce sophisticated style into their home.


industrial lamp, kitchen pendant, pendants

Credit: Canva Design


Here at Oriental Lamp Shade, we always have one foot in the present and one eye on the future. Our selection of unique lighting pieces will help to perfectly elevate any interior space - whether you're looking for an update now or later! With our diverse collection, you can find options fit for each room of your house that keep up with all modern trends - so there's something special just waiting around every corner.



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