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The Shades of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
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The Shades of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

As many of our customers know, Oriental Lamp Shade Company is a third-generation business with over 80 years on the market and, more specifically, we are known for our custom-made lampshades of all shapes, sizes and colors. Fittingly, our shop is situated in a historical landmark building in the charming Upper West Side neighborhood of New York City. So, when we were asked to have our storefront used as a backdrop for the TV show, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” we understood the attraction and couldn’t pass up the opportunity! 


Although the actual scene was filmed at the Irish bar next door, they used Oriental Lamp Shade Company to store their visual and audio equipment and to accommodate the actors when they weren’t on set. The aforementioned bar, named ‘Dublin House Bar’, is one of the oldest and most famous on the Upper West Side. Like us, they are also a third-generation business. Since our shop would be in the back of the scene as well, the production company wanted to remain completely authentic and they decided that, for the shots they needed, we would need a more vintage-style window to complete the 1950’s look. Because of this, we were asked to shut down the store for one day on September 13th, so that they could break down our window and put up the new one. Of course, we don’t usually like to close business, but it was worth it to see the process of creating the perfect ‘set’ for such a critically acclaimed show!


They carefully used various tools and equipment to remove our modern front window as our staff stood by and watched the process. Then, they carefully unwrapped a much more classic-looking style and cut it so that it fit perfectly within our window frame. Afterwards, they brought out their fancy camera equipment and proceeded to take shots from seemingly every angle. Honestly, it was quite emotional for us to see such attention given to our boutique store but equally exhilarating. When they were finished filming, they replaced our old window and were gone, like nothing had ever changed!


However, as we sit down to watch the final episode of Season 2 of ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, we will be reminded of this fantastic day as we see our store with our custom-made lampshades acting as a piece of the set and know that thousands of other people will be witnessing it as well.


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