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New Lighting Trends for 2019
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New Lighting Trends for 2019

Lighting is a huge part of any and all spaces. It is what can pull the room all together in a way that no other element can do. Without lights you cannot see and experience the space that you are living or visiting. Lighting can make a space more dramatic as well as tone it down so let us take a look at what is going on in the lighting world in 2019.

These trends are great for homeowners as well as apartment dwellers most of them are quick and simple and take very little electrical expertise and are at a great cost.

Here’s the list with some examples

  1. Colored Marble and White Lamp Bases – Classic white marble has long been a staple items in many different home décor elements and lighting is no exception. Small simple bases in classic white or in great variegated colors like black with green veins or tones of gray are all the rage.

Colored Marble and White Lamp Bases

  1. Brass is Back – This bold color is back in a very special way. It is not the shiny in your face gold color but a more muted weathered tone. This aged look will allow the fine details of the lighting piece to show and just gets more beautiful as time goes by.


  1. Fiber Lighting – Going with the trend that is really more about living clean and uncluttered natural fiber lighting is a trend that takes sustainable living into account. Wicker and woven shades make from rattan, bamboo, natural grasses lends and all natural element to any space. 

 New Lighting Trends for 2019


  1. LED Lighting – LED has long been a consistent element in the lighting world but it is now more prevalent in the home. They are being incorporated into all manner of home uses from ceiling fans to desk lamps and everything in between. New Lighting Trends for 2019
  2. Big and Bold – If you are not subtle then this trend of Big and Bold fixtures are right up your alley. It can be a fixture that is grand in size in plain white or a fixture that is not only big in size but adds a pop of color to your space.

 New Lighting Trends for 2019

  1. Hidden Lighting – Just like the sustainable living trend minimalism is also the way to go in home décor and lighting is no exception. The new craze is to have the light but keep the elements of the light well hidden. It can be placed behind a mirror or under the cabinet to emit a soft glow to the area or space. Here is a great example of hidden lighting in the ceiling

 New Lighting Trends for 2019

  1. All About Shapes – The new trend in fixtures is about the shape. Lighting fixtures are becoming more and more detailed and can be made not only to help you see but it also looks good in the process. It has the form of art work in a very functional item.

 New Lighting Trends for 2019

So as you can see color, texture and shape are a part of these 2019 lighting trends. Each of these trends can make their way into your home or office. Take one or two or maybe even three and blend them together for a statement look in your space.



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