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Mini Silk String Empire Lampshade

Mini Silk String Empire Lampshade

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If you are looking for a lampshade with a beautiful texture and offers a beautiful light effect, our Mini Silk String Empire Shade may be perfect for your home. When the lamp is off, the shade has a textured pattern consisting of lines of silk. When the light is on, the shade offers a soft, iridescent glow.

This Mini Silk String Empire lampshade ranges from three inches to eight inches, four inches to sixteen inches on the bottom and four inches to twelve inches on the side, making it ideal for any lighting piece - from your smallest lamp to your most dramatic floor lamp.

Since the shade offers a beautiful soft glow, it pairs especially well with glass lamps.

This lampshade is made from carefully crafted silk string — and you can choose from a classic off-white silk shade and taupe empire shade to more dramatic black or silver. The silk string shade naturally offers more light towards the bottom than at the top, creating a unique look that will set your lamp apart.

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