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Mini Porcelain Blue & Red Table Lamp

Mini Porcelain Blue & Red Table Lamp

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This Blue and Red Mini Porcelain Table Lamp offers big lighting style in a little space. Just 9 inches wide and 15 inches high, it offers illumination on side tables, nightstands and more. 

Style Guide - this lamp will look amazing in a traditional room or in a room with a more classical decor feel.

This high-quality mini porcelain lamp comes with a cord switch which lets you choose between low and high illumination, and the UL listed lamp is designed for a 25W bulb, helping you add a soft spot of light to any corner of a room. The bell lampshade is off-white. The base of the lamp is beautifully decorated with a classical design of colorful shapes and flowers. Wood touches at the bottom and top of the bottom of the lamp add an additional touch of something special, as do the brass finish accents.

Mini Porcelain Lamp - 15" high 9" wide - 1 way socket, on cord switch (low and high) - Maximum 25W, UL listed - Regular Bell 9" off-white

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