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Mini Empire Pleated in Acetate Lampshade

Mini Empire Pleated in Acetate Lampshade

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Are you looking for a stylish, tasteful lamp shade to filter light in your bedroom, living room or another area and offer a complementary design element to bring your furniture and home decor together? When you’re searching for a suitable lamp shade to complete your design with style and high quality, you may think it’s difficult to find the perfect shade with both qualities — but here at Oriental Lamp Shade Company, we offer only the very best in design, materials and make.

Our Mini Empire Pleated lamp shade provides the elegant style and long-lasting material you’re looking for. This mini pleated lamp shade’s simple, sleek design is complete with elegant pleats around the classic shape of the shade. Our unique manufacturing features expert stitching to ensure excellent quality and longevity in both our custom and ready-made shades — like this one. Our seamless acetate pleated design is available in eggshell, white and black with gold lining in the following dimensions to suit your style and size needs:

  • 5 x 3.5 x 3.5
  • 3 x 4 x 4
  • 3 x 5 x 4
  • 3 x 6 x 5

Bring a subtle, sophisticated and classic edge to your space by incorporating our mini pleated empire into your room design. Its size and style are ideal for tabletop, dresser-top and desktop lamps. Order this lovely mini-empire lamp shade in your preferred size and color to style in your home today. 

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