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String Coolie Lampshade

String Coolie Lampshade

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A String Coolie lampshade combines the beauty of a string lampshade, with its stunning iridescent glow, and the wider, dramatic Coolie shape. It is the perfect shade choice for any statement lamp.

This string lampshade will pair well with simple lamp bases or more elaborate ones, but glass lamp bases can really put the sparkle in this shade. Choose white or taupe for a softer look or black for a more dramatic, bold look. With sizes ranging from 6x16x10" to 6.5x18x11" to 7x20x12" to 8x22x13", you can either choose this shade for smaller side tables or for tall floor lamps. Quality silk material and a brass finish washer offer the elegant touches you deserve. A fine-crafted white lining blends into the neutral shades or stands out in contrast if you choose the black String Coolie, adding to the mysterious effect.

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