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Retro Oval Hardback Lampshade

Retro Oval Hardback Lampshade

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A Retro Oval Hardback lampshade is a very unique shape compared to most square or round shades. It is a perfect choice for vintage desk lamps, Victorian lamps, and modern lamps. This oval lampshade also looks great with octagon, oval or rectangle lamp bases.

This lamp shade comes in many sizes, from a 5x7” to a 13.5x18" top, an 8x10" to a 16x20” bottom and from a 7.5” side to a 14” side, so this shade works for both small lamps and large statement lamps. You can even mix and match lamp bases of different sizes, bringing together a whole room with the same style of oval shades.

Choose from quality materials such as linen, soft handkerchief cotton, 100% traditional Pongee silk or fine linen and neutral colors such as oyster, beige, white, sand, and off-white to match your decor. Each shade as a washer fitter recessed 1/2" for practicality and your convenience.

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