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Empire Box Pleated Pongee Silk


The classic Empire English Box Pleat lampshade looks wonderful with any décor. You can customize it to suit virtually any lamp, with sizes such as:

  • 5x8x6.5"
  • 6x10x8"
  • 7x12x9"
  • 9x14x11"
  • 10.5x16x12"
  • 11x18x13.5"
  • 12x20x15"

This Empire lampshade is made from either luxurious 100% Pongee silk or 100% Dupioni silk. 

This shade comes in a number of neutral colors which can work with virtually any color scheme. Choose from oyster and sand for your home or business. Quality pleats and a classic shape make this the right choice for any lamp where classic good taste is demanded. Quality stitching and durable fabrics mean this shade will last and look great in your space.

Hint: The empire shape is perfect for round bases.