Lamp Repairs in New York City


If you have a lamp that isn't working properly, Oriental Lamp Shade Company can repair it for you. We are able to repair any lamp or lampshade, even if you didn't buy it from us.

We offer fully integrated services that go beyond making simple fixes. We individually assess each table or floor lamp repair and are conscious of minor improvements that can complement or enhance the lamp.

Socket Replacement

When a consumer asks us to replace the socket, we will not only consider what type of socket should be utilized but also analyze how the table or floor lamp is being used. This allows us to select a socket that will match the appropriate wattage use and heat, as well as the size of the shade. Often, the type of lamp shade establishes the type of bulb, which then determines the socket and harp.

We also offer an assortment of different sockets such as three-way sockets, one-way push sockets, one-way turn sockets, porcelain sockets and many others, including European sockets.

Lastly, we specialize in the conversion of European wiring standards to our American standard of wiring. For all of our lamps, we wire everything to UL standard. This is necessary for any commercial lighting.

Contact Us

You can call us for an appointment or just bring your table lamp to one of our stores in New York City and we will repair it for you. If you need a lampshade repaired or a replacement light shade, we can also provide those services.