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Netkoolr Insulated Cooler Bag

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  • LIGHTWEIGHT WITH LARGE CAPACITY - 25 Liter Capacity; 20" W x 6" D x 16" H; Lightweight tote, excellent for a quick grocery run, or to carry food for a group sports practice.
  • WELL INSULATED - Patent-pending Net-K process is double insulated and provides double the cooling time. While other insulated bags offer an on average, a four-hour cooling window, the Netkoolr keeps items cool for up to 8 hours and hot for up to 4 hours.
  • LEAK-PROOF & EASY TO CLEAN - Strong, waterproof lining prevents leaks and stains; Simply pull outlining, wash with water and detergent and leave to air dry after messy spills.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL AND FASHIONABLE - Durable yet soft and ergonomic tote bag ideal for camping, beach day, grocery trips, or as a gym or diaper bag; Modern Quilted Exterior Texture.
  • 100% FOOD SAFE - BPA-Free, Odor-Free, Antibacterial, No Harsh Chemicals, Cruelty-Free. Madelle is also used as a diaper bag since the cooling system keeps formula and milk cool and the odor-free, anti-bacterial lining offers a portable storage place for children’s mishaps.