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Hardback Coolie Lampshade

Hardback Coolie Lampshade

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The timeless Hardback Coolie lampshade is a wide skirt-style lampshade with no pleats, making it ideal for both traditional and more modern rooms. No pleats allows for easy to dusting and cleaning, while the brass-finish spider fitter at the top of the shade helps maintain shape for durability. The completely smooth surface offers clean lines and can help place the focus on a beautiful lamp base, if you wish. This style works very well with minimalist and pop culture looks, where you don’t want any busy patterns.

This coolie lampshade comes in a standard 5x16x11" size or a larger 6x18x12" option. Choose from linen, fine linen or homespun linen materials which are natural, high-quality fabrics which add elegance to your room. This Coolie shade comes in beige, black, white and cream, so you can select more neutral colors or opt for a more statement-making shade.

*Homespun Fabric is a small-scale fabric that features a luxuriously soft hand that begs to be touched, woven from a fine blend of bamboo and linen with an anti-pill finish.

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