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Ceiling Lights

Ceiling light fixtures and ceiling lamp shades add more than light to a space; they also add beauty and style and contribute to the overall mood of rooms in the Manhattan, New York, area. The following is an overview of ceiling lamps:


Chandeliers are hanging decorative fixtures featuring multiple branches for bulbs. They can steal the show or simply add the final touch to any room. They’re great for general lighting and adding flair to a space.

Pendant Lights

Pendants work well for task lighting as well as adding to the overall aesthetic of a space. They’re most effective when used in a specific location, like over a billiard table, lighting a kitchen island, or adding light to a reading nook.

Flush and Semi-Mount Ceiling Lights

These fixtures are versatile and are meant to create comfortable, well-lit rooms. Semi-flush lighting can give the illusion of a bigger room as it casts light both up and down into the space.