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Stiffel 3-Way Floor Lamp in Burnished Brass


When you’re looking for the perfect traditional lamp, one with classic detailing such as tapered turns like a fine sculpture, you need this fine Stiffel Floor Lamp in Burnished Brass Featuring 3-Way Lighting. With its graceful curves and beautiful metalwork detailing, this lamp will be the one you treasure for decades.

Home Décor Suggestion: The 6 variable lighting options for soft nightlight to room brightening create many design opportunities. Place it in an office or music room for tasks, in a family room for ambient lighting for everything from movies to puzzles. Or arrange one in your hallway to light the path.

  • The UL listed Stiffel Floor Lamp in Burnished Brass Featuring 3-Way Lighting offers 3 lighting levels.
  • The lamp measures 65” high. The pearl Supreme Satin shade measures 10” high, 14” in diameter at the top and 19” in diameter at the bottom.
  • Made in the USA.