Collection: Square Lampshades

Square Lampshades For Your Home

Lighting is one of the most important elements of interior design as it serves both functional and aesthetic purposes. Selecting thoughtful pieces can truly elevate a space. When you find that perfect, sweet-spot lighting selection for your room, you'll know. Your walls will glow with warmth and your favorite decor details will be flawlessly highlighted. Strategic lighting is vital when it comes to creating a favorable in-home design experience.

At Oriental Lamp Shade Company, we carry a wide selection of ready-made lampshades to help bring your home to life. We offer custom design options as well, for those with unique constructions in mind. If you have an exact idea for your lampshade design, we will manufacture it in-house for you.

All our shades are crafted from premium materials and fabrics. You can select from hundreds of different colors, or even bring in your own pre-bought fabric. If you need a lampshade replicated, we can assist with that, too. No matter what your design needs are, our team is dedicated to helping you curate the perfect lighting options for your home. If you have any questions about our custom design process, call us at (646) 846-9228.

Introducing Square Shaped Lampshades

Square shaped lamp shades feature a four-sided shape at the top and bottom. Some of our square shades flare out towards the base, while others keep their classic cube shape all the way through. They offer a tasteful and refined, yet bold and noticeable lighting effect. Light streams from the wide openings on both the top and bottom of the shade.

The straight, yet subdued edges of square shades make them ideal for any contemporary space in NYC. Square lampshades pair well with most bases, but they look spectacular with straight-edge designs. Square shaped shades offer a refined, sleek and chic look perfect for the modern-day townhouse or apartment.

These shades will add a bold yet subtle touch to any room while giving off the ideal amount of light. They won't overpower your decor, or block too much light from the bulb.

Sophisticated Square Shades for Table Lamps

Square lampshades look excellent atop tables. Consider placing these lamps on long rectangular dining tables or square end tables. The four-sided design of the shades will seamlessly mimic the construction of the tables for a clean, streamlined effect. Or, place a square-shaped lampshade on a round table to create an interesting and unexpected texture in your room design.

No matter where you set your square lamp shade, it will surely complement your overall decor with its tasteful design. 

Light Up Your Life With New Square Shades

Breath new light into your home by treating yourself to a new set of lampshades. If you have any questions about our custom design process or online stock, simply call us at (646) 846-9228 or fill out our online contact form today. We look forward to hearing about your design goals.