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Empire Flare Space Box


The Empire Flare Space Box Lampshade is a perfect blend of Empire and Coolie styles. If you enjoy the Empire pleats but find the wider base of the Coolie lamp bell more attractive, this shade is an ideal solution.

The shade can be used for smaller lamps in the 7x14x9" or 8x16x10.5" sizes. If you have a larger lamp or a floor-length lamp in need of a larger shade, choose an Empire lampshade in the 9x18x11.5" or 10x20x12.5" sizes.

Available in natural, elegant silk, you can choose shades made from either 100% Pongee or Dupioni silk. Pongee is the traditional silk fabric, which has the smooth texture and soft drape most of us associate with silk, while Dupioni silk is a thicker fabric made when two silkworms together spin cocoons. The silk shades are available in natural colors such as buff, soft white, oyster, and sand.