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Rectangle Shaped Lampshade in Shantung Silk - Different Colors

Rectangle Shaped Lampshade in Shantung Silk - Different Colors

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Complement any lamp in your home or office with this fine Shantung Silk Rectangular Lampshade! It was carefully constructed by hand with care and attention to detail. The square corners and Empire-style angles create a lampshade to treasure for years.

Home Décor Suggestion: Top any lamp in any style with this artfully designed lampshade. It’ll beautifully complement casual and formal lamps from ultra-modern to historically vintage lamps and allow the beauty of the lamp’s base to remain the focal point.

  • The Shantung Silk Rectangular Lampshade is available in widths from 12 to 18”. Select the best for your lamp.
  • This fine lampshade is made from Shantung silk and is easy to dust. It creates a light shimmer to help dance lightly around a room. Available in white and eggshell.
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