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Rectangle Pagoda Lampshade


If you’re looking for a stylish lampshade that will stand out among traditional square or rounded shades, the Eastern-inspired Rectangle Pagoda lampshade might be the perfect piece for your lamp. This shade offers right angles and curved lines in perfect symmetry, inspired by the pagodas of the far east.

Choose a smaller shade which is 3.5x5" in height, 7.5x10" on the bottom and 8" on the side, or choose a larger shade with a top of 4x5.5", a bottom of 9.5x12" and a side which is 10".

For larger lights, a shade which is 4.5x6" on the top, 11x14" on the bottom and 11" on the side might be a good fit, or you can choose our largest rectangle pagoda lampshade, which is a generous 6x8" on the bottom, 13x17" on the top and measures 12.75" on the side.

Choose from rich satin or Anna rayon and from shades such as natural, white, off-white or coffee. Another popular choice is a dramatic black lampshade with a gold lining.