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French Oval Lampshade Lamp Shades
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French Oval Lampshade

Are you in search of a sleek, elegant and sophisticated lamp shade to replace your old one and add new life to an older lamp or bring a stylish tou...

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from $45.00
Oval lamp shades contain a shape that’s wider side to side than it is front to back. An oval shade may have an oval profile from the top, but have any of the other lamp shape lines when viewed from the side, such as an oval bell, an oval empire, an oval drum, etc. French oval shades are an elegant hybrid of rectangle and oval, with corners softened by rounded ends. Style The flat sides of oval lamp shapes make them perfect for tight spaces like console tables and bedside tables, or any other places where the lamp needs to sit tightly against a wall. Oval shades are the most effective when their shape complements the shape of the lamp base. If you’re in search of a retro lamp shade, oval shades are a great choice. We offer a variety of oval lamp shades for sales in the Manhattan, NYC, area.