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Oriental Lamps

Oriental Lamps

While you're decorating your home, you have many different design elements to put together. Some of the most important elements include the color of the paint for the walls, the big pieces of furniture and the lighting to think about. Lamps are an essential part of a room because they provide much-needed light and add an aesthetic element to the space that highlights the owner's personal style and tastes.

Even if you have a room with excellent natural lighting, nighttime and even just overcast days can make a typically bright and sunny room feel dark and downcast. Aside from being a source of light and showing off style, the right lamp and shade can complement the room's existing decor. Choose a lamp that will be a focal point of the room, for instance, or let it blend seamlessly with the other furniture and interior elements.

For a beautifully unique and timeless style of lamp, browse through our collection of Asian style lamps.

Customization & Quality From Oriental Lamp Shade Company

At Oriental Lamp Shade Company, you will find an incredible selection of gorgeous Chinese and other Asian-inspired lamps. They're made in a variety of different styles, each showcasing intricate designs with unique qualities. These types of lamps look great in many different home decor styles and could add a beautiful touch to any room.

An oriental lamp's shape can be statuesque, showing an animal like a lion or crane. Most commonly found, too, are the porcelain styles.

The most iconic oriental style accent lamp has a white and blue color scheme. These are a classic style, depicting florals, geometric patterns and more. You can also find colors aside from the traditional blue and white. The beautiful thing about these lamp bases is that no matter the colors or pattern used, the look will give any room in your home an elegant aesthetic.

At Oriental Lamp Shade Company, all of our oriental lamps are completely handpainted designs. Giving you that truly gorgeous one-of-a-kind piece for your space.

Porcelain Table Lamps to Style Your Home

When you're looking for the perfect porcelain table lamp to add to your home, these oriental lamps perfectly complement all kinds of different decor styles. These lamps have a timeless look that can easily blend into different styles very well.

Our lamps are 100% porcelain and only the highest quality. With different sizes and styles available, you can easily find the right lamp for any room in your home. 

From jar shapes to vase shapes, you'll find bases of different heights, overall size, and shape. The jar bases have a broader, more rounded size. The vase style base is usually taller. Don't know just which lamp to choose? Stop into our Oriental Lampshade Company storefront located in New York City. We offer design consultations to help you find the perfect piece for your home.

For impressive selection and quality, shop for your new oriental style lamp at Oriental Lamp Shade Company. Along with our selection of high-quality oriental lamps, we can customize any lampshade and create completely custom shades to make it perfectly match your style. To learn more about our services, give us a call at (646) 846-9228 or contact us today.