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Floral Orange Temple Jar Porcelain Lamp


Place this elegant Floral Orange Temple Jar Porcelain Lamp in the living room or other room for guests to see in your home.   This elegant lamp includes a 3-way socket, a supreme satin color and an empire soft lining fabric shade.

Enjoy the look and feel that this porcelain lamp provides with its light. The quality porcelain is of high heat material, which provides high-quality real porcelain.

The dimensions of the Floral Orange Temple Jar Porcelain Lamp is 30" High and 18" Wide.  Plus, this colorful lamp is of a wonderful shape that is sure to turn the heads of those who know a quality piece of living room furniture.

Use this lamp to really brighten a living room.  The best news is that this lamp can help you match the style of other items in the room as you give your friends, family and other loved ones a chance to admire your interior living room style.

This lamp also provides your guests a chance to admire an item that they could buy for themselves. Consider the Floral Orange Temple Jar Porcelain Lamp as a precious gift for that special someone as well.    

  • 30" High 18" Wide
  • 3-way socket
  • Maximum watt 100 UL Listed
  • Shade: Empire soft lining fabric shade Fabric: Supreme Satin Color: Off White Size: 9" x 18" x 13.5"