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Flared Coolie Lampshade with Hardback


Cool and jazzy, this trendy Handspun Fabric Conical Lampshade makes hearts flutter! With its small top and wide bottom, its skirt-shaped style is playful and flirty, like it knows how adorable it is! And the smooth linen shade means no pleats to collect dust! Complement lamp bases of all styles, colors, and shapes for a look you’re sure to love!

Home Décor Suggestion: Top a slim lamp base and let this lovely lampshade take center stage or accessorize a large lamp bottom for an impressive and stately design!

  • This Handspun Conical Lampshade ranges in bottom diameter from 16 to 24 inches, choose the best size for your lamp base
  • Choose Cream or Beige colors to perfectly accent your lamp
  • Handspun linen fabric is the epitome of grace and high style