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Floor Lamps

How to Choose a Perfect Floor Lamp for your Home

A carefully chosen floor lamp completes the lighting theme of a room and adds design flair to the space. There are thousands of floor lamps to choose either online or in-store, so how do you choose the right one?

Floor Lamp Lighting

The most important consideration for choosing a floor lamp is light. Do you want the lamp for task lighting or for ambient light? If you want task lighting, the height of the light should be at eye level while sitting and the style of both lamp and shade design should point the light in the direction you need it. If your lighting needs are more ambient, you still may want the light to point in a specific direction to highlight a feature of the room. When designing an ambiance, you also need to consider the quality of the light.

Lamp Style

Beyond light, style is an important consideration when choosing a floor lamp. Floor lamps should fit comfortably and be scaled appropriately to the room. Some lamps will add light and ambiance while staying in the background and others will be bold statements in and of themselves. Fabrics and other design materials should echo the style of the room.

Shop floor lamps online or call Oriental Lamp Shade Company for a lighting design consultation to find the perfect lamp for your home.