Polished Ball 30Mm Lamp Accessories

Polished Ball 30MM

Polished Ball 30MM 2” Height Acrylic


When you think you are almost done with your interior decor projects, just remember: every sundae needs its cherry on top. Designers often use finials which are the decorative caps that attach to the top of lamps to bring extra, unexpected dashes of color and texture to a room.

Our collection of finials are all made in high-quality and beautiful design to decorate any kind of lamp. If there is something you want and you do not see it on our website, Oriental Lamp Shade Company can find for you, just ask one of our lamp experts and they will help you out.


Finials are more than just a pretty accent

Though they elevate the decor of your home, finials also serve an important functional purpose. They keep your lamp in place connecting all the pieces of it, balancing the shade and securing it to the harp (the U-shape wiring that surrounds the bulb).


They change completely the style of an old lamp

Finials give a new life to an old lamp, so you don’t have to get a new floor or table lamp to update your decor. You will be surprised how this little accessory can make a difference in your lamp whether purchasing a new finial or switching to a new lampshade.


They come in all sizes and shapes

Plain, embellished, or themed, finials come in a vast assortment to suit every taste. Materials include such as brass, glass, with motifs as varied as elephants, engravings, music note and sea shell.

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