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Empire English Pleated

The classic Empire English Pleat lampshade looks wonderful with any décor. With sizes such as 5x8x6.5", 6x10x8", 7x12x9", 9x14x11", 10.5x16x12", 11...

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from $58.00
Much like the Euro style of lampshade, Empire lampshades are shaped like a cone with the top lopped off. This cone-shaped shade family also has the same three basic members: coolie, empire, and euro. The main difference between each of these shade shapes is the ratio of the diameter of the top of the shade to the diameter of the bottom of the shade. Empire shades have the most classic lampshade shape. Style Empire shades are extremely versatile and widely used. A hardback empire shade will look comfortable in even the most modern Manhattan apartment. Empire shade table lamps made from fabric with the addition of pleats and other dressmaker details are beautiful and add elegance to any New York home. If you’re struggling to decide on a shade shape, you can’t go wrong with empire.

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