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Hardback Retro Drum Lamp Shade Lamp Shades
from $48.00

Hardback Retro Drum Lamp Shade

The Hardback Retro Drum shade is perfect for modern or traditional décor, lending a softer, retro look to any lighting style. This Hardback Retro D...

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from $48.00


Appropriate interior lighting is something people tend to overlook; yet about 85 percent of all the information we receive comes through our sense of sight. Harsh, strong, excessively bright light can harm your eyes, cause headaches and eye fatigue, and give a sense of exposure and anxiety. Our drum shades are designed with different tints and forms to be kind on eyes and fit every occasion and ambiance you look to create.

A carefully selected drum shade, along with the light bulb that has an appropriate lumen output, can make a meaningful difference to any room. Mindful lighting helps your eyes see the surroundings better, increase productivity and the overall sense of comfort and peace.

Stylish Drum Shades

Add a touch of thoughtful finesse to any interior with the help of our classic lamp drum shades. Each perfectly balances the contemporary with the traditional to create the perfect style and atmosphere. Simple, aesthetically pleasing cylindrical or barrel designs are suitable for table lamps, floor lamps, or pendant lights. Pair identical lamp shades for a simple design scheme, or combine an eclectic mix of designs for a uniquely artful twist on classic aesthetics.

If you want to see our lampshades for yourself, visit our Manhattan, New York, showroom, or explore our online selection below. You can also call us at (646) 846-9228 for consultation or advice. We can guide you through our selection or answer any questions about our high-quality drum shades or other products that we carry.