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Bell Scallop Lamp Shade Lamp Shades
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Bell Scallop Lamp Shade

Bell Scallop top & bottom with braided trim

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Bell Lampshades For Your Home

As many interior decorators and home design enthusiasts know, nothing completes a room like perfect lighting. When your walls glow with that iridescent warmth and your favorite fabrics pop due to purposeful illumination, you can't help but take a moment to appreciate your beautiful living space.

If you're looking for a classic lampshade to filter light just the way you want, Oriental Lamp Shade Company is here to help. We offer the widest selection of custom and ready-made lampshades that will complete the home style you're going for.

Are you searching for the right replacement lampshade? We make all of our shades with the highest quality fabrics and provide many options when it comes to design, size, and color.

Introducing the Bell-Shaped Lampshade

Bell-shaped lamp shades are similar to empire shades, but their sides, rather than straight, have an inward curve, giving them a softer feel. The bottom of a bell shade flares out, distributing light and adding a sense of drama.

This classic lampshade provides a seamless mix of classic and romantic aesthetics — perfect for almost any room in the home. If you're looking to custom design your future bell-shaped lampshade, we will work with you until you're completely satisfied. If you have any questions about our bell-shaped lampshades, call us at (646) 846-9228

Elegant, Traditional Style With a Timeless Touch

The graceful lines of bell-shaped shades make them perfect for any elegant space in NYC. Bell-shaped shades are the most effective when their shape complements the shape of a curvy lamp base. Bell shades are a classic decorator look. Their aesthetic is classic and traditional and feminine. Adding dressmaker details like braided trims and beads will give bell-shaped shades a decidedly romantic flair.

Place your shades on coffee tables, bedside stands or in a reading nook. If your living room or formal sitting area features beautifully upholstered furniture, there's no better way to honor your tasteful pieces than lighting them properly. A bell lampshade will illuminate and complete the space's specific style.

Complimentary Classic Lampshade Styles

If you're looking to pair your bell-shaped lampshades with other styles and designs, they match wonderfully with our Coolie and Empire options:

  • Coolie ShadesCoolie lampshades are inspired by the Coolie hat, which is worn in Asian countries like Cambodia, Indonesia, Korea and China. The hats have an iconic shape, featuring a wide brim with a pointed top, and Coolie lampshades echo the well-known design. This classic lampshade comes in many shapes and styles.
  • Empire ShadesEmpire lampshades offer a traditional style design. They're shaped like cones with cut off tops. These shades are in the same family as the Coolie shade, so the two pair well together in the same room.

Light Up Your Home With a Replacement Lampshade

Brighten up your interior design with an original lampshade. If you're craving a change in atmosphere for your home, bringing in new lampshades is the perfect place to start. No matter what your home-style aesthetic is, you'll find a stunning shade that fits your ideal vibe.

Ordering a replacement lampshade online is easier than ever. Simply browse our options and continue to our quick and easy check out process. If you have any additional questions, fill out our online contact form today or call us at (646) 846-9228. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you design your dream lampshade.